Conservative Top Chef Tells Republicans To “Get Their Noses Out Of” Trump’s “A**”

Famous conservative chef roasts GOP

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Not everyone who is a conservative has boarded the Trump train and most of those who haven’t have not allowed Don the Con to dupe them. The latest example of this is celebrity chef Alton Brown, of Iron Chef fame. The food guru took to Twitter on Monday, days after Biden and Harris were elected, and subsequently days into Donald Trump’s denial of the results —and clearly, he wasn’t pleased.

“I have voted Republican most of my life. I consider myself a conservative. I want to believe there are still ‘very fine’ people on both sides of the aisle,” said Brown, harkening back to Trump’s atrocious statement from 2017. The famous chef continued, “But…if #GOP leaders don’t get their collective noses out of that man’s a–, we’re gonna have words”

Normal people are sick of Trump, celebrities are sick of Trump, some conservatives are sick of Trump. There are still some that cling to the idea that the election is being stolen from their golden god, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, and they responded to the “Good Eats” host.

The chef roasted his online heckler in a fantastic response, “Frankly, you have no right to be disappointed in me. None whatsoever, I have used my own platform to speak my mind. You may dislike me, certainly but disappointment in me should be reserved for say … bad recipes.”

Some people prefer that celebrities not speak about politics. Personally, I am more in line to agree with our famous chef on this one. Especially when our president is holing up inside the White House, refusing to concede an election or even do his job with the time he has left, all while American’s are suffering from a pandemic he is doing nothing about.

I am certain we can expect Trump, if he catches wind of this little exchange on Twitter, is to take the time out of his day to mock Alton Brown’s show’s ratings, though. 

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