Conservatives Are Livid As Vogue Is Set To Feature Jill Biden On Their Cover After Four Year First Lady Hiatus

Why am I not surprised?

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There isn’t much in this world that Conservatives won’t get their knickers in a twist over. Basically, if something isn’t regarding God, guns, or Donald Trump, they’re mad at it. And boy, are they vocal about it. All that time and energy wasted on raging at things like the Black Lives Matter movement, women’s rights, and the LGBTQ+ community could be so damn useful if it were just channeled at something, well, useful. But instead, all they’re really good for is getting angry.

And frankly, nothing really seems to anger them more than to think that someone is being unfair to Melania Trump.

I’ve never really understood their obsession with that woman. At best, she’s a victim of abuse and brainwashing, at worst (which is frankly far more likely) she’s a more than willing accomplice to the mayhem. Not to mention, she’s an immigrant, which I was under the impression that the Right isn’t fond of, but I guess it only counts when your skin is brown.

But I digress.

Over the years, the Conservative crowd has found themselves downright angry on more than one occasion when they felt that former First Lady Melania didn’t get the respect and recognition that they thought she deserved. And nothing gets them going quite like the cover of Vogue Magazine. 

For the entire four years that Donald Trump was in the White House, it seemed the popular magazine took a hiatus on their traditional First Lady cover. So, you can imagine the fury to come out of the Right when it was recently announced that their hiatus has come to an end and they will soon be featuring First Lady Dr. Jill Biden on their coveted cover.

CNN’s Kate Bennett wrote on Twitter:

Many of the comments were filled with praise for Dr. Biden, but it was unsurprisingly only a matter of moments before the Right-wing nuts came rolling in with their anger and offended sensibilities:

What a weird hill to die on, folks.

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