Conservatives Are Reportedly Turning On Trump After “Red Wave” Failure: “Rage Like I’ve Never Seen”

They're turning on you, Donnie.

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It’s clear at this point that Donald Trump’s anticipated “Red Wave” from this year’s midterm elections actually shaped up to be little more than a mauve trickle and it’s served to not only leave Trump himself extremely upset (even to the point of reportedly blaming his own wife for some of his poorest candidate choices) but has also reportedly left the Conservative crowd infuriated with the scandal-ridden former guy and blaming him for the humiliating failure.

Trump has spent years now behaving as though his endorsements are worth their weight in gold. Multiple times now, he has thrown his support behind highly-controversial candidates and then demanded that his party and supporters essentially fall in line with his end-all, be-all declaration, regardless of how unhinged it may be. Now, it seems, as they’ve watched the GOP make complete asses out of themselves over the course of the past 48 hours, reports are now indicating that Conservatives across the nation are beginning to feel the regret set in when it comes to throwing their own blind support behind the scandal-ridden, washed-up former president.

Even Conservative echo chamber Fox News has weighed in on the backlash landing in the former guy’s lap as a result of this year’s midterms.

Fox’s Anders Hagstrom wrote today, “Commentators argued that Trump had endorsed outlandish candidates who turned easy victories into close races, and close races into losses.”

As a result, it seems the Right-wing crowd is beginning to do what we all knew was coming — turning their attention to Florida’s Ron DeSantis.

Michael Brendan Dougherty, a senior writer at National Review, said, “All the chatter on my conservative and GOP channels is rage at Trump like I’ve never seen. The one guy he attacked before Election Day was DeSantis — the clear winner, meanwhile, all his guys are s—ing the bed.'”

Phil Wegmann with RealClearPolitics said, “GOP Source tells me after tonight, with Trump candidates underperforming and DeSantis winning by double digits, 2024 is a ‘free for all.’ ‘Everybody in the water. If you want to take on Trump, he’s never been weaker.'”

Even the Reagan Battalion Twitter account said it’s time to “move on” from Donald Trump.

National Review podcast host Jeffrey Blehar weighed in, saying, “If DeSantis in Florida wildly overperforms all the handpicked and Trump-supported Republicans in other swing states (particularly if they *lose* close races), well then gosh that is going to be a fascinating new narrative that will be commented upon by positively no one.”

Trump himself has recently been hinting at an impending official presidential announcement on the heels of the midterm elections (that may now be derailed due to the humiliation) and has publicly issued a warning to DeSantis that throwing his hat in the ring against Trump would hurt him “very badly.” But there’s just no denying the fact that the FL governor will have a clear upper hand at this point, just from the ability to claim that he can accomplish what Donald Trump could not.

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