Insiders Reportedly Tell The AP That Trump Is Eyeing An Official 2024 Campaign Announcement As Soon As Next Week

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Donald Trump has been heavily hinting at a 2024 presidential run since the moment he realized that he truly was going to be evicted from the White House and replaced by Joe Biden, whether he liked it or not. However, the scandal-ridden former president has notably hesitated to officially or formally commit to that 2024 campaign, despite all of the passive-aggressive, thinly veiled hints — which many have theorized has a whole lot to do with an effort to avoid campaign finance laws as long as possible, especially with all of the mounting legal peril he’s facing these days.

But, according to new reporting from the Associated Press, Trump’s days of skirting commitment could soon be over, and an official announcement right around the corner, as inside sources reportedly told the publication that the has-been former guy is eyeing a formal 2024 campaign announcement as soon as next week, hot on the heels of midterm elections.

Reince Priebus, one of Trump’s many former chiefs of staff, told the AP, “I’m like 95% he’s going to run.”

“The real question,” he said, “is are other big challengers going to run? If President Trump runs, he will be very difficult for any Republican to defeat.”

Multiple sources close to the scandal-ridden former president have confirmed that Donald Trump is more than a little eager to get his hat back into the ring, officially. According to Trump insiders, the ex-president has been seriously eyeing the two-week span in the direct aftermath of the upcoming midterm elections as the possible perfect time to make his reemergence onto the political playing field official.

“Trump has dramatically ramped up his spending after facing criticism for failing to financially help his favored candidates while continuing to vacuum up small-dollar donations,” the Associated Press reports on the matter. “His newly launched MAGA Inc. super PAC has now spent more than $16.4 million on ads in a handful of competitive states, according to the ad tracking firm AdImpact, with additional investments expected through Election Day, according to people familiar with the effort, who, like others, spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal operations.”

You can read the full report from the AP here.

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