Conservatives Stoop To A New Low, Spread Altered Video Of First Lady Jill Biden Reading To Children, Edited To Make It Sound Like Child Shouts Profanity At Her

You gotta be kidding me...

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Just when you thought the Conservative crowd couldn’t get possibly get any worse — what with all the racism and conspiracy theories and sore loser vibes — here they come riding in on a Bible and a chicken hawk they’re trying to pull off as a Bald Eagle with a rowdy, rambunctious “Hold my beer!”

In today’s edition of “What sort of messed up garbage is the Right doing now?” the Associated Press has released a fact-check report confirming that a video currently making the rounds on social media of a child screaming profanity at First Lady Jill Biden is, in fact… Wait for it… Fake as hell.

While you certainly wouldn’t think that’s something that would need a fact-check, here we are.

Recently, Dr. Biden sat down with a group of 2nd graders from Malcolm Elementary School in Maryland and read them her 2012 book, Don’t Forget, God Bless Our Troops. The visit and reading went off without a hitch, exactly as you’d expect from the sweet Dr. Jill Biden, as you can see in legitimate video clips of the adorable event.

However, Conservatives appear to be spreading an altered version of the footage that has been edited to make it sound as though one of the children yells profanity at the First Lady during the reading.

In the altered version, Dr. Biden is heard saying, “When my son was away, my granddaughter — just like you kids — really, really missed her daddy. So I wrote this book to tell other kids, ’cause there’s lots of kids who don’t know what it’s like —” at this point, the sound of a young child yelling “Shut the fuck up!” interrupts the First Lady.

Simply watching the video with two working eyeballs and listening with two working ears would be sufficient for anyone with just half a brain in their head to realize that the footage is faked. However, you can only expect so much from the Right, right?

Ultimately, it seems the AP was forced to fact-check the footage, making it clear, “The video has been manipulated to insert audio of a child yelling a disparaging comment. A video showing Biden’s full remarks contains no such interruption.”

As it turns out, the interruption of a child yelling profanity actually comes from a “video that appeared to show a young child cursing during a school graduation ceremony as adults tried to quiet the situation.” The publication notes that they weren’t able to determine where the original video containing the profanity-laced audio came from, but that it’s been widely shared since at least 2019 and has often been used as a sound effect edited into other videos for comedic effect.

Long story short, the folks that scream “FAKE NEWS!” from the rooftops are once again, well, spreading a bunch of fake news. What do ya know?

You can read the Associated Press’ full fact-check on the video here.

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