Court Filing Reportedly Showed NY Attorney General Subpoenaed Several Of Trump’s Phones In Their Investigation, But Trump Swears He Lost Them

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According to recent court filings, reported on by Business Insider, New York Attorney General Letitia James has subpoenaed several cell phones belonging to ex-President Donald Trump, in addition to numerous documents and records, in connection to her office’s investigation into the former president’s family company, the Trump Organization. But wouldn’t you know, Donald Trump says he has no idea where they are.

Speaking of his most recent business phone as well as two old flip phones and a Samsung phone that he used until, as he says, “it was taken from me at some point while I was president,” Trump said simply but repeatedly, per the filing, “I am not aware of its current location,” and “I do not know its current whereabouts.”

In addition to his claims that he has no idea where his cell phones are, Trump also asserts that he has no more documents to hand over to the New York Attorney General’s office, and swears up and down that he doesn’t use or even own a business computer.

The court filing, consisting of a court-ordered affidavit he signed and dated on Friday, May 6, features the ex-president asserting, “I also do not use a computer for work-related purposes.”

The affidavit hails from a much larger filing in the New York Supreme Court that sees the ex-president trying to weasel out of a costly contempt of court order that now serves to charge him a staggering $10,000 per day since the 26th of April. Trump now owes James’ office more than $100,000 in fines and counting.

“I am no longer have the cell phone in my possession and I am not aware of its current location,” Trump said of the phone that may be of most interest to the AG and her investigation — a business cell phone he was issued by the Trump Organization in 2015, just a year before his election.

“I took the Samsung with me to the White House and it was taken from me at some point while I was President,” seemingly referencing a time early on in his presidency when the Secret Service took his Samsung Galaxy and replaced it with a more secure line.

“I do not have the Samsung in my possession and I do not know its current whereabouts,” Trump asserted.

As for now, Trump says he has two cell phones in his possession — an iPhone that he’s owned for “several years,” that he claims has already been submitted for a search, and a phone that was given to him by his Truth Social company for the sole purpose of posting “Truths.”

Read the full report from Business Insider here.

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