Republican Senator’s Daughter Calls Him “Abusive” And Cuts Him Off From Her Life After He Supported Roe v. Wade Reversal

She is so brave!

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A bisexual TikToker recently posted a video to the increasingly popular app revealing that she had completely cut ties with her own father… Who just so happens to be a Republican state senator who has been all too enthusiastic about this nation’s recent destruction of women’s rights.

Korynn Dickey posted the now-viral TikTok on Wednesday of this week, but never out and out named her father. However, it didn’t take internet sleuths too long to discover that her dad, who she referenced in the clip, is none other than  Iowa state Republican senator Adrian Dickey.

In the clip, Korynn can be seen swaying gently with a rainbow pillow, with text overlay reading, “I had to cut my dad off. See, I’m a bisexual Pisces and he is a republican state senator who contributed to taking my rights as a woman away and the possibility of me being able to marry the girl of my dreams one day.”

“Guess who!! Clues are hidden in the video,” the text in Korynn’s TikTok clip read.

The world wide web was quick to determine that her father was Adrien Dickey, which Korynn seemingly confirmed in a follow-up video posted to the popular app, going on to point out that her father was one of the many GOP lawmakers who openly encouraged the US Supreme Court to overturn Roe V. Wade and turn over the topic of abortion and women’s rights over to the individual states.

“Yes my dad didn’t vote on roe v wade but he did support this! That’s enough for me to finally cut him off and no longer claim him as a parent,” Korynn wrote in the TikTok.

In another video posted on the app, Korynn confirmed that her father was also involved in the concerted effort by Republicans to discriminate against transgender children who want to play school sports.

Korynn later spoke with the Daily Dot and said that she ultimately came out to her father regarding her sexuality at the same time a bill was working its way through Congress that would ban transgender children from sports under the guise of “protecting girls’ sports.” She explained that she made the decision because she “wasn’t OK with what was happening.”

Korynn said her dad blew her off when she came out as bisexual to him, but noted that her relationship with her father has been strained and tense long before it came to a head. According to Korynn, she has developed post-traumatic stress disorder due to her father’s abuse and, as a teenager, the best she could do was avoid interacting with him as much as she could.

“It was purely no contact out of fear,” she revealed.

Korynn and her legislator father briefly reconciled in 2020 before the ultimate fallout.

“When he was elected I was told to keep my mouth shut. I did because, at the end of the day, I really hoped he had changed,” she explained. “When the Roe v. Wade came to light, I voiced my concerns and he silenced them.”

“There’s so much more money and power-driven things he has done. I will likely make more TikToks on them.”

Sen. Adrian Dickey has reportedly not responded to requests for comments.

See the video here:

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Featured image via screen capture/Korynn Dickey TikTok

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