Crumbley Accomplice Speaks Out Through His Lawyer Claims He Had No Idea The Trump-Loving Parents Were Charged, Or Stayed Overnight In His Building

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We reported earlier today that the individual who helped law enforcement officials apprehend and arrest James and Jennifer Crumbley is officially eligible for a reward of at least $10,000 — after they saw the Crumbley’s black Kia Seltos is the parking lot of the warehouse where the pair was allegedly hiding after the charges of involuntary manslaughter were officially announced against them.

The accomplice that allegedly helped to hide Ethan Crumbley’s parents during the short but intense reported “manhunt” has since been identified as Andrzej Sikora — a 65-year-old artist and owner of the former auto plant building turned art studio that the Crumbleys were reportedly hiding in when law enforcement agents surrounded the building and ultimately arrested the couple. But Mr. Sikora is already claiming, through his attorney, that he didn’t purposely help Jennifer and James Crumbley to evade the police. According to the artist, he had no idea the pair was even wanted, as he claims he doesn’t watch the news.

Sikora’s lawyer, Clarence Dass, has spoken out on behalf of Andrezej Sikora and claimed that in addition to the alleged accomplice’s ignorance of that charges against Mr. and Mrs. Crumbley, Mr. Sikora was also supposedly unaware that the pair had stayed overnight at his art studio on Friday, according to a report from The Independent. 

Mr. Dass claims that Jennifer and James showed up at Mr. Dass’ studio on Friday morning and says Ethan’s parents had a “friendly relationship” with his client.

“There was a lot of confusion and the Crumbleys went to him for safety. He did not know about the charges,” Dass asserts. “They were there in the daytime. He left in the early evening. He did not even know they were still there.”

To be frank, I don’t know that I’m personally buying Mr. Sikora’s story here. How do you leave an art studio that you own without knowing whether or not someone is still inside it? Why would you leave your own property without verifying that your guests had left, or confirming with them that they stayed? If their car was so easily spotted by the tipster, why wouldn’t Mr. Sikora see it as well? And, of course, that’s not even touching the notion that the man “doesn’t watch the news.”

Jennifer and James Crumbley have since been caught, arrested, and jailed on charges of involuntary manslaughter in connection to their son Ethan opening fire in his Michigan high school, where he gunned down four of his fellow students and injured another 7. Jennifer and James are both being held on a half a million dollar bond each.

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