Damning Leaked Audio Exposed Donald Trump’s Campaign In The Worst Kind Of Way

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A newly leaked audio recording has hit the media cycle and, suffice it to say, it instantly shaped up to be absolutely damning for scandal-ridden former President Donald Trump and the Trump Campaign overall. The bombshell audio brutally exposes the fact that the now ex-president and his people openly acknowledged Donald’s 2020 presidential election loss in the state of Wisconsin, only to continually and simultaneously plot their efforts to push and peddle baseless and disproved lies about widespread voter fraud across the nation that had already been thoroughly and repeatedly debunked by multiple election officials, investigations, and the courts.

The Associated Press was able to obtain and release the audio recording in question, which was reportedly captured during a strategy session in Wisconsin on November 5th, 2020, just two days after the 2020 presidential election that Donald Trump lost to Democratic opponent Joe Biden. The session consisted of political operatives who seemingly praised the Democratic turnout that was seen in one of Wisconsin’s largest counties, as they went on to crack rather nasty jokes about their Liberal opponents’ efforts to engage Black voters in the areas.

At one point in the audio Andrew Iverson, who served as head of the Trump campaign in the state of Wisconsin, can be heard warning the team of strategists during the session that they need to get prepared to pull out all of their best “stunts.” Ultimately, Iverson and others in the meeting were directly plotting a strategy to tell (and hopefully convince) the world that Democrats stole the 2020 presidential election from the rightful winner, Donald J. Trump.

In the audio, Iverson can be heard telling people in the strategy session:

Here’s the deal: Comms is going to continue to fan the flame and get the word out about Democrats trying to steal this election. We’ll do whatever they need. Just be on standby if there’s any stunts we need to pull.”

Iverson now serves as the Midwest regional director for the Republican National Committee and when questioned by the AP regarding the damning audio recording, he referred the publication off to RNC spokesperson Keith Schipper. Schipper also refused to offer the publication any comment on the leaked audio, claiming that he had not listened to it himself yet.

The AP reports that they obtained the leaked audio recording from a former campaign official and Republican political operative who was able to record the strategy session, assumably in secret. The operative claims to not be able to speak on the matter in any public manner, and cannot publicly share all that was discussed during the damning strategy meeting. The operative in question has further requested to remain anonymous, for fear of retaliation from Trump and his people, but told the AP that he shared the audio with the publication out of deep concern over Donald Trump’s third consecutive bid for the power of the US presidency.

While the RNC has failed to really comment on the matter, Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung took no issue with vehemently dismissing the leaked audio recording, telling the AP, “The 2024 campaign is focused on competing in every state and winning in a dominating fashion. That is why President Trump is leading by wide margins in poll after poll.”

Donald Trump secured Wisconsin back in the 2016 race, and there’s no denying that he and his team fought tooth and nail to keep their power in the swing state. But ultimately, Wisconsin served as one of the key players in the US to go blue in 2020, with Joe Biden securing the state by a mere one percentage point. Given such a small margin of only around 21,000 votes, Biden pulled over Trump, it came as no surprise that Wisconsin’s election results quickly became the subject of almost endless independent and partisan audits, reviews, lawsuits, probes, and recounts.

But what’s most notable from this new recording is the fact that, in this session, it seems that these GOP strategists don’t actually say that Trump won the state of Wisconsin. In fact, at one point in the meeting, Iverson can very clearly be heard discussing the margin of defeat for Trump in the swing state. Instead, it seems that the whole strategy session was focused solely on their plots to shut down campaign offices and begin penning reports on the questionable validity of the election, and the way it unfolded.

“At the end of the day, this operation received more votes than any other Republican in Wisconsin history,” Iverson says in the recording. “Say what you want, our operation turned out Republican or DJT supporters. Democrats have got 20,000 more than us, out of Dane County and other shenanigans in Milwaukee, Green Bay, and Dane. There’s a lot that people can learn from this campaign.”

At one point in the meeting, operatives can be heard laughing about the need for “more Black voices for Trump,” as they discuss the state’s Black voters.

If the audio truly highlights anything, it’s the stark difference between what was being peddled to the public by Trump operatives regarding the election, versus what was actually being discussed behind (what they thoughts was) closed doors.

Read the damning full report and hear the audio recording from the Associated Press here.

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