Damning Unearthed Video Footage Raiseed Serious Alarm, Appeared To Show Trump Aides Loading Suspicious Boxes Into Private Plane In Early Days Of Document Scandal

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As if ex-President Donald Trump’s mountain of scandal wasn’t already tall enough as it is, damning unearthed video footage is now circulating across social media like wildfire that’s raising alarm bells among average Americans and experts alike.

Trump is, of course, now deeply embroiled in a massive investigation, headed by the US Department of Justice, regarding the numerous boxes of highly-classified, top-secret, and federally protected government documents and materials that he stole from the White House during the final days of his presidency, and took with him to his Palm Beach country club that he now calls home.

While the FBI search and seizure warrant raid at Mar-a-Lago early last month undoubtedly seemed to be the crescendo of the scandal, it certainly goes much, much deeper than that. In all reality, the National Archives and Records Administration made numerous attempts to retrieve the stolen documents from the disgraced former president before ultimately being left with no choice but to go through the DOJ to secure the search and seizure warrant. As such, the former president was notified by NARA back in May that they pretty much knew all of the documents in question were at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

Now, recently unearthed footage has taken over social media, that allegedly appears to show Trump aides packing and moving suspicious boxes onto Donald Trump’s private plane, which was supposedly headed from his Mar-a-Lago resort to Bedminster, where the former president also has a golf club. According to social media captions on the uncovered footage, the video hails from May 9th, just 3 days after NARA informed Trump that they thought the classified documents were being held at his Palm Beach estate, on May 6th.

This has unsurprisingly sent alarm bells and suspicions flying sky high, as many Americans and even some experts speculate that Donald Trump was relocating many of the boxes of stolen documents to his New Jersey property, which has not been subjected to a search by the FBI.

However, don’t get your hopes too high just yet, as it seems investigators still yet may not have enough evidence to start searching across the rest of Donald’s properties.

NBC News correspondent Ken Dilanian spoke with MSNBC’s Morning Joe and said that, however damning this footage may seem, it’s likely just not enough to trigger an additional search and seizure warrant at the former president’s New Jersey resort.

“Obviously, we don’t know the inner workings of this investigation, but what’s required is more than just a theory that some evidence might be at a place,” Dilanian explained. “They need actual hard evidence and in the case of this Mar-a-Lago search, they had witnesses who were telling them that not only was there classified information there, but that they were misled, they were lied to essentially by the Trump side, and that’s all blacked out in the affidavit, but we’re aware that it exists, and they used that to go to a judge and say, ‘Judge, we need to do a search.'”

“A search is a very intrusive thing,” the NBC correspondent went on to explain. “You’re trampling someone’s Fourth Amendment rights for good reason. You have evidence of a crime at this location. Absent that, like, for example, there’s a social media theory going around. There’s some video of Trump aides loading boxes on to a private jet heading for Bedminster, and I have to say, I mean, when I first saw that on Twitter over the weekend, I thought, oh, another conspiracy theory.”

“The more you look at it, the more it’s pretty disturbing,” he continued. “The banker boxes are the same kinds of boxes that the classified documents were found in. Absent any other kinds of evidence, they would need witnesses telling them, yes, there were classified documents in the boxes and they were taken to Bedminster. They’re not just going to do it based on a video or a theory.”

You can watch the Morning Joe analysis of the footage here:

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