Delusional Trump Gets Standing Ovation After He Tells CPAC Audience That He May “Decide To Beat [Democrats] For A Third Time”

It doesn't work like that.

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Let’s get one thing straight right here, right now — Donald J. Trump did NOT win the 2020 presidential election. Not by a landslide, not “in reality,” not even a little. Literally, not at all. There was no fraud. There was no cheating. There were no votes that were tampered with nor voting machines. Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election. By a lot. Despite Trump’s attempt to “prove” otherwise, there was no room to even question his win. It was as straightforward and clear-cut as an election comes. None of Trump and his people’s lawsuits, tweets, recounts, or conspiracy theories can, would, or did change that.

But nevertheless, here we are weeks out from Inauguration Day when former Vice President Joe Biden officially took office as the President of the United States, and Trump is still harping about the election that was “stolen” from him.

Of course, Trump has been rather quiet in the weeks following his departure from the White House, which likely has a whole lot to do with the fact that he no longer has a single social media platform to his name. However, today, the former president made his first appearance to the general public since he left office at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), where he is currently delivering one of the key speeches of the event.


And wouldn’t you know, pretty much as soon as he hit the stage, Trump was once again doubling down on his claims that he actually won the 2020 presidential election and we’re all just drinking the Kool-aide.

Multiple reports have suspected these past few days that Donald would officially announce his 2024 run for the presidency. So far, he hasn’t gone that far. However, Trump did seemingly drop a hint at a 2024 run, while simultaneously doubling down on the tired 2020 election conspiracy theory.

“I may even decide to beat [Democrats] for a third time,” Trump said, hinting at another run while pushing the Big Lie.

Unsurprisingly, in a room full of sycophantic Republicans, Donald’s statement was met with a standing ovation.

To be frank, there’s no telling when, if ever, we’ll be out of the woods with this ridiculous and dangerous conspiracy theory, chock full of lies. But it just goes to prove that it’s absolutely imperative for Trump to start being held accountable for his multiple transgressions before we’re facing down yet another term.

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