“Dementia Don” Brutally Mangled His Own Campaign Video With A Downright Mortifying Flub, Accidentally Told Everyone Not To Support Him

Yea. He actually said that out loud...

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Hearing something resoundingly stupid coming out of Donald Trump’s mouth has become such an anticipated daily occurrence at this point, that it’s honestly hard to even shock us anymore. But every once in a while, the big guy still manages to pull it off — especially when it’s a foot-in-mouth flub of EPIC proportions like this.

Despite his literal mountain of scandal and legal troubles that continue to grow with each passing moment, the disgraced, one-term, twice-impeached former president is still hammering hard at his 3rd consecutive run at the White House, as the 2024 presidential election creeps up on us all.

Of course, when it comes to that campaign of his, he’s not actually doing any debates or discussions or really anything that would put him toe to toe with someone that might be better than him, as any normal presidential candidate would do. Rather, Donald’s 2024 campaign is thus far going down like all his others — chock full of eyeball-twitching rallies and unhinged pre-recorded campaign videos that assure his ego and pride aren’t compromised in any conceivable way.

Yet, he’s still managing to screw those up to.

Why on earth this absolute jackass can’t manage to bring himself to just read off of a teleprompter that’s right in front of him is and always will be far beyond me. But nevertheless, he continues to refuse to be tamed, resulting in hilarious nonsense like accidentally telling all his supporters… not to support him.

In one of his most recent pre-recorded campaign videos, ex-president turned presidential candidate Donald Trump addressed his supporters and said:

With the 2024 election now less than one year away, this is your chance to take a stand against tyrants that support the one and only movement that can save our country and make America great again. We must win in 2024.”

We literally can’t make this stuff up…

Suffice it to say, folks had a hay day with this one:

I mean, for once, we accidentally agree with him!

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