Democratic Consultant Suggests That Unlike All The First Ladies Before Her, Melania Does Not Live At The White House

How unsurprising.

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Reports surfaced that Donald Trump hid out at a White House bunker on Friday night as hundreds of protesters gathered outside the executive mansion. On Sunday night, the lights surrounding the executive mansion were turned off. It was the first time since 1889 that the lights of the White House were turned off, but it’s also the first time America elected a former reality TV show host with a history of filing for bankruptcy to lead this country.

And now we’re in the middle of a national crisis. Actually, two of them, and there’s no one at the helm to guide us through the chaos. So, where is First Lady Melania Trump in all of this? I can’t quite picture her staying next to her cowardly husband’s side in a bunker. And Barron Trump sightings are scarce. It’s been speculated before that Melania and Donald don’t live together in the White House. And really, no one could blame her. But she’s an awful person, too.

Democratic consultant Philippe Reines, who served in the Obama administration, let the cat out of the bag again.

“Imagine the endless holy hell raised if Michelle Obama, Laura Bush — or especially Hillary Clinton — didn’t really live at the White House,” Reines tweeted. “It’s an open secret in DC that First Birther Melania often does not — yet media keeps trump’s secret like he’s JFK.”

A Twitter user weighed in to recall when Melania stayed behind in New York after her morbidly obese husband was first elected.

Reines responded to say that Melania didn’t want to drive through the protests.

It’s been reported before that Donnie and Melania don’t share the same bedroom. While Trump feels the press mistreats him, it seems to me that he’s been given a pass when he breaks the norms and values that we hold dear in this country. Remember how angry conservatives got when Mrs. Obama wore a sleeveless dress?

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