Denver Post Editorial Board Rips Lauren Boebert To Shreds, Points The Finger At Right-Wing Congresswoman In The Wake Of Club Q Massacre: “We’re Looking At You”

They know where the blame lies.

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The Denver Post editorial board knows exactly where the blame lies for the almost non-stop stream of gun violence against minorities in the United States —and they take no issue with pointing it out in a very public manner.

The newspaper’s editorial board took clear at none other than the GOP’s Lauren Boebert — writing, “we’re looking at you” — in the direct aftermath of the Club Q shooting in her own state of Colorado, pointing their finger at the Right-wing congresswoman and her heinous, disgusting rhetoric against the LGBTQ+ community in the runup of the deadly massacre.

The Denver Post editorial board did not mince words when they wrote, “Lauren Boebert … tweeted this out on Sunday in the wake of the Club Q shooting: ‘The news out of Colorado Springs is absolutely awful. This morning the victims & their families are in my prayers. This lawless violence needs to end and end quickly.’ This is the same person who has previously offered up these gems: ‘Take your children to CHURCH, not drag bars’ and ‘We went from Reading Rainbow to Randy Rainbow in a few decades, but don’t dare say the Left is grooming our kids!'”

“Boebert was rightly excoriated for her role in elevating hateful speech against the LGBTQ community. As an added bonus, her hard-line positions on gun control, ruling out even common sense measures, mean she would not have supported any efforts that might have kept guns out of this shooter’s possession,” the editorial piece fired. “Boebert’s profile made her an easy target for those pointing out the dangerous environment created when we fail to treat our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer neighbors as equals. But she is not the only one in this state, let alone the nation, guilty of perpetuating the rhetoric that fuels fear and hate.”

Legal experts have made note that Colorado’s red flag law — which allows for the temporary confiscation of firearms if officials possess credible evidence of heightened risks in an individual — given that the Club Q suspect was reportedly arrested in the past due to bomb threats he allegedly made in his neighborhood.

It remains unclear why that red flag law was not utilized in this case, though El Paso County, where Colorado Springs is located, has declared itself a “Second Amendment sanctuary” while publicly refusing to utilize or adhere to at least parts of the red flag law that could have saved 5 lives in that nightclub.

“As the dead are buried, and as this case works its way through the courts, we will no doubt be assaulted with the same vile remarks we’ve heard before about the LGBTQ community,” the Post editorial board writes. “Those voices should never be elevated and we are disheartened to see them creeping into mainstream social media channels. We are disappointed voters decided Boebert’s behavior should, as of the latest vote tally, be rewarded with another term in Congress.”

Boebert recently won her bid for reelection by a narrowly thin margin.

Read the full editorial board piece here.

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