Despite Only Hiring “The Best People,” Trump Goes After Scaramucci Again On Twitter, Calls Him A “Nut Job”

There's a 'nut job' around here, alright. And it ain't Scaramucci.

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During Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, Donald infamously boasted that he only hires the best of the best, stating that should he be elected he would be sure to “surround myself only with the best and most serious people.”

“We want top-of-the-line professionals,” he claimed.

Yet, two and half years into this joke he’s calling a presidency (that, let’s be honest, he certainly didn’t get “elected” into to) he’s proven those claims to be yet another big, fat lie.

Even the Trump supporters, who only love him so much because he allows their racism to run free out in the open instead of hiding in the dank, dark shadows where they belong, can pretty much admit that his administration has been a clusterfuck, at best.

He literally cannot seem to keep employees. Almost every official in that administration has “acting” tacked to the front of their job title and they’re all well aware that employment is a revolving door around the West Wing. All it takes is saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and Trump’s kicking your ass to the curb with his tiny feet tucked inside his shoe lifts. Or, if you’re smart enough, you just take your leave yourself, quickly and quietly before you’ve been labeled “unhireable” due to mere association with this particular president.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that even Trump himself, despite his claims of only hiring the best of the best, has repeatedly been quick to attack those that were once his hand-picked crew.

And unsurprisingly so, that’s precisely what he’s done in regard to his former White House Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci.

It seems that Scaramucci has now been added to the ever-growing list of folks that turned out to not be the “best” in Trump’s book after the former Trump official recently turned his back on the president — resulting in a Twitter fit of the ages from the Trumpster, complete with some fun typos, some barely coherent language, and a dirty delete.

If that dementia-fueled ramble wasn’t enough to make your eyes cross this morning, it’s worth noting that Trump was so big mad that his first tweet attacking the former official was laden with typos, resulting in a typical Trump dirty delete. But don’t you worry, we got screenshots.

Just so we’re clear, Donald, people that only hire the best can actually keep their employees, and they don’t get “shellaced.”

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