Devin Nunes Appears To Lose His Cool On Twitter Over Lev Parnas Accusations, Makes Himself Seem More Guilty

He seems a bit stressed out.

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Devin Nunes, the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, has found himself, via his aide Derek Harvey, embroiled in indicted Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas’ crosshairs. Parnas released texts and documents to House investigators showing that former ambassador Marie Yovanovitch was being surveilled by Giuliani’s associates, including Parnas. The document dump was so explosive that a metric fuckton of Republicans, including Donald Trump, has been denying knowing Parnas even though photographs show them hanging out with the very man who they totally don’t know.

The documents reveal that not only was Derek Harvey in frequent contact with Parnas but he also passed along Nunes’ contact information two days before the Intelligence Committee’s impeachment report indicated that a phone connected to Nunes made contact with a phone connected to Parnas, Politico reported. Nunes, who famously sued a fake Twitter cow, sued CNN in early December over what he called a “demonstrably false hit piece” regarding him and Parnas.

Nunes also threatened to sue Ted Lieu unless he issued an apology, but the California Democrat basically literally told Devin to shove it. Because no one seems to feel intimidated by Nunes’ threats, he took to Twitter to stomp his feet, desperately trying to counter the viral hashtag: DevinNunesGotCaughtAgain.


“UNREAL!” he tweeted. “@CNN willfully ignores the truth and defies a Federal Judge’s order to fully Answer my complaint, and refuses to explain extent of their coordination w/ Parnas in spreading false Vienna story. Who’s in control @ATT #GoodnightVienna #CNNKnew #CNNgotCaught”

It appears that Nunes was reacting to Parnas’ attorney’s tweet:

Good luck with your rage-tweet, Devin. Parnas told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Wednesday night that he had met Nunes “several times,” and added that Nunes and his aide Derek Harvey were involved in digging up dirt on Trump’s rival, former Vice President Joe Biden. We’re just waiting for a torrent of photographs to be unleashed showing Nunes and Parnas traipsing about in one of Trump’s tacky resorts. That seems to be the trend lately, after all.

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