Disturbing Video Of A Disheveled And Stumbling Trump Left People Asking If He Was Ill Or Under The Influence

What is going on here???

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A video clip of scandal-plagued former President Donald Trump that spread like wildfire across social media had a lot of people wondering if he’s got something wrong with his health that he’s not sharing with the world, or if he’s just three sheets in the wind on God only knows what — either way, he’s looking ROUGH.

Recently, former federal prosecutor and popular social media user Ron Filipkowski posted this video clip to his X (formerly known as Twitter) account:

Ron captioned the clip, “He looks like dog shit,” and, frankly, rightfully so.

To be perfectly honest, that might be the worst I’ve ever seen the big guy.

Sure, we’ve seen his makeup run and his wig flop around. We’ve seen what looked like diaper lines all over his wide rear end and we’ve caught several glimpses of his lifted shoes and his gut nearly popping out of a tuxedo.

But this particular time is different from all the rest. To be perfectly honest, the man in that clip puts me in the mind of a staggering drunk homeless guy in a parking lot.

As he comes in the door in the clip, Trump is seen trying to smooth down his messy flop of hair. While it’s funny, it could certainly be excused by the absolutely arctic temperatures and brutal winds that the majority of the US has been experiencing in recent days.

But it’s not just the hair that caught my attention.

He looks truly disheveled, with his shirt collar unbuttoned, his coat hanging around his frame, as he literally stumbles into the room.

Suffice it to say, social media users had a lot of thoughts, many of which wondered if Trump was under the influence of something, or gravely ill:

While we have no way of verifying what is truly going on with Donald Trump — because God knows he will never publicly admit to anything — this clip is coupled with another video posted by the same social media user over the weekend that appeared to show the former president heavily dragging his right leg.

It certainly makes one wonder…

Featured image via screen capture 

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