DOJ Reporter Claims There Are Three New Sealed Files In Trump Warrant Docket Signaling Something Huge Could Be Coming

This could be HUGE.

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In his impromptu, albeit bombshell press conference last week, Biden Administration Attorney General and head of the US Justice Department Merrick Garland announced that the DOJ had filed a motion to unseal and make public the search warrant that was executed against ex-President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago compound-turned-home a week ago today.

This is a huge move that will allow the American people access to new, potentially damning information about the former president who, unless officially indicted or otherwise barred in some way, is all but guaranteed to run for the White House again in 2024. However, the unsealing of the search warrant doesn’t mean we’ll know everything.

Garland himself noted during his press briefing last week that there were still going to be several details regarding the probe into the ex-president that he simply cannot make public at this time, as to protect the investigation that is still very much ongoing.

It became crystal clear today that the Department of Justice is still very much working behind the scenes, thanks to a bombshell development that was just reported on by Sarah Lynch, a U.S. Justice Department reporter forย Reuters.ย 

Taking to Twitter, Lynch revealed, “Hmmm. A sealed docket entry was just made on the docket for the Trump warrant… 08/15/2022 SYSTEM ENTRY – Docket Entry 55 restricted/sealed until further notice. (jmd) (Entered: 08/15/2022).”

” And another sealed entry SYSTEM ENTRY – Docket Entry 56 restricted/sealed until further notice. (jmd) (Entered: 08/15/2022),” she added to the thread.

“Now there are THREE sealed entries on the docket. The suspense is killing me,” a third tweet read.

We won’t even begin to try to tell you what these entries mean โ€” there’s truly no way of knowing with 100 percent certainty unless it’s leaked, or confirmed by the DOJ, neither of which is all that likely. In truth, it could be anything from an indictment coming down the pike on Donald Trump’s head, to an arrest warrant, to something else pertaining to the previous warrant. Or, it could be something new entirely, like a “trace” motion to track the ex-president’s phone and electronic devices, to a new search and seizure warrant. There’s just no way of knowing.

But social media certainly has plenty of thoughts of their own on the matter:

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We have genuinely reached a point in this fiasco that there is truly no telling what this is about. But one thing I can say with almost complete certainty โ€” Donald Trump is shaking in his little high-heeled shoes right about now.

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