Trump Buried In Hilarious Mockery After He Whined “I Don’t Like When People Call Me Stupid” Before Claiming He Asked His WH Doctor For A Test To “Prove To These Radical Left Maniacs That I’m Much Smarter Than Them”

This is literally hilarious.

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Recently, we reported that washed-up ex-President Donald Trump is still running his mouth about the infamous, viral “person, woman, man, camera, TV” “cognitive test” from 2018 — that was actually the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, which was specifically designed to be easy questions, as it’s used as a screening tool for dementia.

Frankly, the man is so painfully desperate to stay relevant that it’s almost embarrassing to even witness, and I think this is simply one of the last things he has to cling to.

But nevertheless, the topic unsurprisingly cropped up again during one of the former guy’s recent MAGA turned Save America rally — for the guy who still has yet to even commit to his candidacy, because why be subject to those pesky campaign finances laws any sooner than you have to be, right? — and the story Trump came up with was just a little more pathetic than we were even prepared for.

He kicked things off by once again bragging about how he “aced” the so-called cognitive test that was given to him:

Then, he went on to whine to the crowd about how he “doesn’t like it when people call me stupid,” before he claimed to have asked his White House doctor, Ronny Jackson, to find a test he could take to prove that he was “smarter” than all the people who were being mean to him.

” I said… ‘I don’t like being called stupid. Is there a test I can take to prove to these radical left maniacs that I’m much smarter than them?’ And he said ‘Sir, there is a test. It’s called an X test.'”

I’m sure you can absolutely imagine Twitters reaction to this doozy:

Lord have mercy…

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