Don Jr. Admits His Daddy Told Him To Tone Down His Over-Dramatic Hand Gestures During His Unhinged Podcast Rants And We’re Honestly Embarrassed For Him

Oof. I probably wouldn't have said that out loud.

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This week, we had the pleasure of witnessing eldest Trump son, namesake, and sycophant, Donald Trump Jr., make a public admission that was so embarrassing, our skin is actually crawling a little on his behalf.

On Wednesday, the former first son turned washed-up podcast host made a guest appearance on Tim Pool’s podcast, Timcast IRL, where Don Jr. fessed up to some advice he claims to have gotten from his dear ole dad that, frankly, I don’t think I would have willingly admitted to the general public.

At one point in the podcast episode, the group turned to the topic of Trump impressions.

After a bit of lighthearted back and forth, Jr. weighed in on the topic, saying, “I don’t do Trump,” referring to doing impressions of his father. “I don’t do the Trump impression. I don’t make fun of hair because maybe the Trump hair gene kicks in one day. So I’m like, I’m just not gonna play with it. You know, I’m just gonna leave it alone… It’s a karma thing.”

At that point, the former first son was asked if he thinks he’ll wake up one day sounding just like his dad.

“They already say I have the hand gesture,” Jr. said. “It’s funny, like when I’m doing my podcast on Mondays at 6, Thursdays at 6 on Rumble, he called me, he’s like, ‘I saw the podcast content — a lot less hands. A lot less hands, Don,'” the eldest Trump son said, pulling off a near-perfect impression of his dad, which sent the podcast hosts into a fit of belly laughs.

“I go like, ‘How much less hands?’ He goes, ‘Like, 95% less hands’… he speaks with his hands too. You know, so I guess I do that too. And I just, I get impassioned and no one’s ever said I’m low energy. You know, you get thrown out of the window of Trump Tower if you’re low energy in my family,” Jr. went on to admit.

“Because there’s a couple times where I’m like, we have to have a discussion about self-awareness…I would get a call sometimes when he was president. I’d get a call from the White House — ‘Don, you’re too aggressive on Twitter,'” Jr. further explained after the hosts referred to his dad as “King of the hand gestures.”

“It’s like that 80’s drunk commercial. Like, ‘I learned it by watching you Dad.’ I’m sitting there being like, man, of all the things. Like, I will listen to him on many things if he’s got business advice, political, I mean the guy’s done a lot. He’s accomplished a lot. And I was like, this is the one place where maybe you’ve ceded the moral high ground here,” Jr. quipped.

See the clip of the podcast here:

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