Don Jr. Angers Social Media Users After Claiming Slaves And Native Americans Had It Better Than His Dad

Someone ground him from Twitter.

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No matter which member of the Trump crime syndicate you happen to be asking at the time, they’ll all tell you that they have been the poor, undeserving victims of perhaps the worst discrimination and “witch hunt” in the history of ever. Frankly, every last one of them are self-absorbed pricks who get their jollies off to earning the pity of the public by playing the victim, no doubt in hopes that it will somehow catapult them closer to the top. And honestly, their little pity parties have only gotten that much worse now that Donald is finally on the fast track to impeachment.

Not a single fuck between the lot of them is given for the suffering that real human beings have been and continue to be subjected to — and now even more so under Donald’s reign of terror. Their actions over the years have more than proven that they literally just do not care.

That’s why, as sickening and downright stomach-churning as it is, it came as a complete non-surprise when Trump told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos that “there’s never been a time in the history of our country where somebody was so mistreated as I have been.”

It was equally as unsurprising, yet absolutely disgusting when Donald’s son, Don Jr. hopped on Twitter to defend his dad and claim that his father has received the worst treatment of anyone in the history of this country — including Native Americans, slaves, and presidents that have been assassinated.

Don didn’t say a lot, but he packed a plethora of absolute bullshit into two little words when replying to a tweet of his father’s quote; “He’s right.”

The level of ignorance displayed by both the president and his son in this short tweet is absolutely staggering. Donald Trump and his family are butthurt because they got caught being shitty people. They have never been forced into slavery where they were beaten and had their children ripped from their arms. They have never been denied the right to vote or even drink from a water fountain due to their gender or skin color. They have never been herded into internment camps while their land was stolen from them.

These people are the epitome of white male privilege.

Of course, Twitter had PLENTY of thoughts:

Go crawl in a hole somewhere you blubbering sycophant.

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