Watch As Republican Rep “Headbutts” Camera Instead Of Answering Question About Trump’s Foreign Interference In U.S. Elections

Cause that's real mature of you.

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The beginning of the end of Donald Trump’s reign of terror on the United States of America is finally upon us. And it’s all because he couldn’t leave well enough alone when he got away with getting a foreign government to interfere in our presidential election the first time.

Thanks to all of his obstruction of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, Donnie got off scot-free when it came to the fact that Russia and Vladimir Putin did him more than a few favors in ensuring that he nabbed the 2016 election. And evidently, he was so emboldened by his ability to get away with it the first time that he thought he’d give it another try.

Only this time, someone tattled.

Weeks ago, a whistleblower came forward to reveal that Donald attempted to extort the country of Ukraine into giving him dirt on his political opponent, Joe Biden by holding military aid, funding, and a visit with Trump himself over Volodymyr Zelensky’s head. Proof enough of this was given when he released the transcript of the call himself — which pointed to a quid pro quo even in its doctored state.

And since then, several key witnesses have blatantly admitted to the quid pro quo outlined by Trump in his dealings with Ukraine, despite Donald fighting tooth and nail to keep them from testifying.

But instead of laying low and keeping his damn mouth shut, Trump has just doubled down on his calls for foreign interference by literally asking China to do the same damn thing from the White House lawn.

So, with all of that being said, it’s only natural for reporters to be asking representatives, especially the GOP ones, about Trump’s pesky habit of inviting foreign election meddling.

Any normal person would, at the very least, pop off with “no comment” or some bullshit lies approved by Trump himself. But Republican Rep. Don Young decided to do something weird instead.

When a reporter began questioning Young about foreign interference into our election, specifically whether it was an “acceptable thing to happen” Young did not answer. He didn’t even just ignore the question and keep walking.

No. This dude straight up turned around and headbutted the damn camera, saying, “There ya go” before turning and repeatedly mashing the buttons on the elevator to get away from them as quickly as possible.

I’m not kidding. This is not a joke. He headbutted the camera. Watch it for yourself:

Sooo… That’s how we’re doing things now? God, I hope Donald doesn’t take any tips from this guy. All we’ll see for the next six months is his big, orange forehead.

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