Don Jr Appears To Troll Adam Schiff On Twitter, Posts Meme Comparing Him To Sesame Street Character

He has the maturity level of a toddler. Or his father. Same thing.

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Trump’s entire band of cronies — members of his cabinet and administration, almost the entire Republican party, and his brood of sycophantic children — have had some pretty questionable and even downright bad reactions to the public impeachment inquiry hearings that have thus far proven that Donald did precisely what Donald has been accused of.

The fact of the business is, they all know their “leader” is on the fast-track to being impeached by the House. And even if it doesn’t make it through the Senate, that’s one hell of a stain on his already dark and muddied name right before the 2020 election that he’s vying for.

So, that’s unsurprisingly left the whole lot of them pretty desperately grasping at straws and searching for the ever-elusive loophole or technicality to get the president out of this humongous mess of his own making.

Donald himself just seems to keep shouting that witnesses said things they didn’t actually say in defense of him, his Republican Reps just keep making colossal asses out of themselves at every given opportunity, Rudy is publicly admitting that he’s still hammering home the Ukraine investigation that started this all, Ivanka is quietly tweeting out misquotes about public morality, Eric is grifting some Trump wine sales off the whole ordeal, and Junior… Well, Junior is just being Junior.

Trump’s eldest son has made a bad habit out of taking to his Twitter account in competition with himself to see just how ridiculous and downright weird his posts can get.

And folks, today’s might just be the winner.

In what appears to be an attempt to troll House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff who’s leading the impeachment charge against his dad, Junior posted a meme to his Twitter account featuring the Sesame Street character Elmo sitting in front of a microphone, wearing a suit. The image itself features the caption, “Adam Schiff calls expert witness to discuss the importance of feelings.”

Junior then added his own caption to the tweet, reading, “from reliable sources.”

To say the least, the replies to Junior’s bad attempt at trolling were far funnier than his original meme:

Let’s not even pretend you know what a “reliable source” is, mkay, Junior?

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