Don Jr. Comments On Social Media Photo Of Himself Flying Coach, Seems To Want Praise

Gag me with a spoon.

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The entire Trump family seems to be of the belief that they praise for, well, everything. Donald himself makes a regular habit out of whining and complaining over the fact that he doesn’t feel as though he gets enough pats on the back on a daily basis for all of the “great” things he does. And it seems that his children have picked up on their dad’s nasty, self-serving, egotistical habit.

Last week, as Trump’s eldest son Donald Trump Jr. jetted across the country in an effort to make it to all three legs of his dad’s recent MAGA rally mini “tour,” he was captured in a photograph by a “fan” heading from Las Vegas, Nevada to Pheonix, Arizona, riding coach.

“How cool is this?” the Trump supporter captioned an image of himself, what I assume is his wife/girlfriend, and a grinning Don Jr. in the background on an airplane, to his Instagram account. “He is traveling from Las Vegas to Pheonix rally, center row, coach. Don’t anyone tell me the Trump family doesn’t know how real Americans live. Bet you won’t be seeing any Democratic presidential hopefuls flying like this.”

Number 1, bet ya do. Number 2, it’s pretty sad when the only thing you can find to brag about regarding the MAGA family is the fact that one member of the family hopped their behind on a coach flight like a normal human being. Number 3, I guess we’re ignoring the LITERAL PRIVATE JET THAT DONALD TRUMP OWNS!  

But whatever, right?

Nevertheless, it seems that Junior saw a golden opportunity to give himself one of those Trump-ian pats on the back when he stumbled across the Instagram post. And boy… Did he leave a doozy of a comment:

I’m sure the adoring Trump fan is nearly shitting himself over the fact that Junior “blessed” his comments with a reply.

But the fact that Junior literally uses his daddy’s clout to kill big, fancy, endangered animals is enough to negate this whole thing right off the bat.

No one cares that you fly coach when you’re legitimately living off your daddy’s trust fund, dude.

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