Don Jr. Got Roasted To Hell And Back When A Late-Night Talk Show Host Spotted Empty Picture Frames In The Background Of Jr.’s Unhinged Rant Video: “Those Are Pictures Of His Friends”

Oof. That's embarrassing.

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The scandal-ridden ex-president’s eldest son and namesake got roasted to Hell and back recently, after late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel noticed something rather peculiar in the background of one of Don Jr.’s recent unhinged rants on his little podcast-style show, “Triggered.”

On an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the popular late-night host played a clip of Donald Trump Jr.’s recent tirade, in which he did all the customary screaming and raving that puts you in mind of a literal drug addict, that we’ve come to expect from the ex-president’s oldest son. But there was one particular detail that Kimmel picked up on in the background of Junior’s rant that left him so tickled, he couldn’t help but point it out to his audience during the segment.

If you pay close attention to the clip, there are not one, but two empty picture frames sitting on the bookshelf behind Junior in the background of his podcast show episode.

Kimmel played a very small clip of Junior’s show before cutting back and quipping, “Those are pictures of his friends.”

“Showing off all the fun times he had with Dad when he was a kid,” the late-night talk show host added, for good measure.

Social media was pretty cracked up about it:

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