Don Jr. Made Nasty Joke About Child Trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, Suggested She Could Lose Her Life “Next Week Or So” After Trial Referenced His Father’s Trips On Infamous Epstein Plane

No one taught him to think before he posts, did they?

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After months on end of trials and investigations, the infamous late child sex trafficker Jefferey Epstein’s longtime accomplice and former close girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, was officially found guilty on 5 out of 6 of the federal changes lodged against her, in connection to the heinous sex crimes she carried out with Epstein, and now potentially faces the rest of her life in prison upon sentencing.

But apparently, Donald Trump’s eldest son doesn’t think she’ll make it that long.

Taking to his Instagram recently, Jr. posted up a rather distasteful joke regarding the convicted child sex trafficker, seemingly implying that she could soon end up in the same shape as her recently departed old boyfriend — meaning… Dead.

“Ghislaine Maxwell, 1961 – next week or so,” Donald Trump Jr. posted to Instagram, splayed over a photo of the British socialite in the format of an “in memorial” style image.


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“Too soon? Nah, it’s never too soon for a pedos [sic] or their enablers,” he captioned the image.

While I don’t disagree that neither Maxwell’s nor Epstein’s life holds any value for me whatsoever, the joke was distasteful, especially coming from Donald Trump’s son.

As we’re all well aware, Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide by hanging in his jail cell as he awaited trial for his crimes back in 2019. It took exactly zero seconds for the conspiracy theories to begin to swirl surrounding his somewhat untimely death before he was convicted of his crimes or had a chance to “tell” on anyone.

Conspiracy theorists began to immediately, without proof, assert that Epstein’s death was not a suicide, but rather a murder at the hands of someone powerful, who didn’t want their secrets exposed by a child molester who was desperate to cut a deal. It seems this notion was the punchline of Don’s joke.

But what the eldest Trump spawn seems to be failing to grasp here, is that many of those conspiracy theorists pointed the finger at his very own father, considering the former President’s past relationship with the child abuser.

In fact, Jr. of course failed to even mention the fact that his own father’s name was recently brought up in Maxwell’s trial when flight logs from Epstein’s private plane showed that the eldest Donald Trump was on the infamous aircraft no less than 7 times.

But why would you mention that Jr.? Kinda kills the joke, doesn’t it?

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