Jan. 6th Defendant Begged For Leniency, Claimed That Bad Decisions Were Made Including “Supporting Donald Trump”

Regrets, I have a few...

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NBC’s Scott MacFarland, who reports on pending January 6 insurrection cases, tweeted out an alleged rioter’s letter to a judge, saying that he made a series of bad decisions, including supporting former President Donald Trump. The January 6 defendant told the judge that he is “deeply sorry,” and went on to explain that he “probably wouldn’t have made the decision to go to D.C. if I were sober at that time.” The unnamed individual has a long history of drug abuse, but he maintained his sobriety until 2016 when he got divorced, and that’s when he relapsed.

“And I made a series of bad decisions since then,” the defendant writes. “Including supporting Donald Trump and going to the Capital [sic] on January 6.”

The defendant goes on to explain that when he was arrested for trespassing at the Capitol, he violated his probation and did a 90-day stint in jail “because of my bad decision to go to the Capital on January 6.” After getting out of jail, he says, he went into a drug treatment facility, and he is currently attending AA/NA meetings.

“I am very sorry, and completely regret my actions on January 6,” he writes. “I made a big mistake by going to the doors of the capital [sic] and making a video. Once I saw the police and chaos inside, I immediately turned around and left.”

You can read the full letter below:

So far, 727 individuals have been charged for their alleged crimes when they stormed the Capitol on January 6. One hundred forty police officers were injured. The twice-impeached one-term President whipped the crowd into a frenzy; then Trump told them he would march to the Capitol with them. Of course, Trump did not march with his supporters. Instead, he left the area by car after inciting the insurrection. What a shameless man. He has ruined lives —  Like the defendant that just wrote the judge that letter, for example.

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