Don Jr.’s Yearbook Quote Gives Us An Eerie Look Into Who He Turned Out To Be Today

Yikes. There's a lot to unpack here.

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The eldest Trump son has made it crystal clear throughout this election fiasco that he stands firmly with his father in refusing to accept their clear and fair defeat to Joe Biden. Frankly, it’s exactly the sort of behavior we expected from the Trump clan — we’ve had four years of hell cluing us in on how Donald would act if he lost. And, honestly, we know that a name isn’t all Don Jr. shares with his father, so we really expected the same sort of nonsense from him, as well.

But, thanks to an old school photo of the eldest Trump spawn, obtained by OK! Magazine, that’s now circulating on social media and in the news recently, we pretty much got all the foreshadowing and confirmation we could ever need when it comes to Jr. being an arrogant, pathetic, cry baby little snot.

As is typical of high school yearbooks, Jr.’s school photo was captioned with a few details about himself, shoutouts to friends, and quotes or sayings that resonate with him. And one of those quotes, in particular, is some serious foreshadowing for these past few weeks if I’ve ever seen it.

Quoting the movie Fletch, Don Jr.’s yearbook caption read, “It takes a big man to admit he’s wrong and I’m not a big man.”


Suffice it to say, if Junior ever did one of those “If I could give advice to my younger self…” exercises, I feel like his response would be something along the lines of “You’re a genius, bro.”

He’s been telling us since high school that not only will he never admit that he’s wrong, but that he’s also a tiny, petulant, pathetic little man.


Now that we’ve got that part unpacked, let’s unpack the rest of this dumpster fire yearbook picture, shall we?

First of all, whoever did his hair must be the same person that does his father’s makeup. Because, OOF. Secondly, what on earth is up with “Stank”? Anybody? Anybody got an answer for that?

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