Don Jr. Seems To Tell Young Conservatives That “Turning The Other Cheek,” A Reference From The Bible, Has “Gotten Us Nothing”

Jesus would smite him.

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Just a mere day after Christmas — the holiday that Christians mark as the birth of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, some figuratively and some quite literally — Donald Trump Jr. was out here telling a group of young Conservative adults to choose violence, because following the peaceful rules found in the Christian Bible has “gotten us nothing.”

Don’s tone-deaf and, frankly, a little scary comments came during an appearance at the Turning Point USA conference in Arizona, where Jr. hailed the group of young, Right-wing adults as the “frontline of freedom.”

“And if we band together, we can take on these institutions,” former President Trump’s eldest son asserted. “That’s where we’ve gone wrong for a long time.”

“They cannot cancel us all,” Jr. went on to rant. “This will be contrary to a lot of our beliefs because I’d love not to have to participate in cancel culture. I’d love that it didn’t exist. But as long as it does, folks, we better be playing the same game.”

Apparently, if you ask Don Jr., the Republican party has been playing Pee-Wee ball while their Decomcartic counterparts have been neck-deep in “hardball.” It was then that he suggested to a room full of impressionable young adults (who are likely only Conservative in the first place because their daddies told them they are) that they should skirt the biblical orders of Jesus Christ himself and should not longer “turn the other cheek.”

“We’ve turned the other cheek and I understand sort of the biblical reference, I understand the mentality but it’s gotten us nothing,” Jr. whined and complained to the conference crowd. “OK? It’s gotten us nothing while we’ve ceded ground in every major institution.”

I gotta say, Jr., I think Jesus would be really disappointed in you if he made an appearance on earth these days. That is, of course, if your father didn’t detain him in an airport for being brown first.

You can watch the clip of Jr.’s Turning Point USA speech here:

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