Republican Source Claims Trump Advisors Are Hiding How Badly He’s Doing In Swing States To Keep POTUS Happy

How pathetic can he be?!

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We all know that Donald Trump’s ego is a fragile one, at best. When you combine that with poll numbers that show him losing from pretty much every direction, well, it makes for a bad mix for those individuals who spend every day around the guy, which results in some pretty drastic measures from those closest to him just to get through their day to day life with the president.

So desperate, in fact, that evidently they’ve resorted to lying to him.

According to a new report from the New York Times who spoke with a Republican source who is close to and in frequent contact with the Trump campaign, officials with Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign have taken to misleading the president in regard to how well he is doing in his bid for reelection, especially in key swing states — ultimately leading him to believe that he’s doing far better than he actually is.

Speaking with the Times on the condition of complete anonymity, the Republican source said that some aides to the president “willfully distort the electoral landscape to mollify Mr. Trump.”

The anonymous official went on to recollect an instance where aides assured the president that he was faring well in the crucial swing state of Maine, despite the fact that, in reality, Trump is trailing full double digits behind Democratic frontrunner and former Vice President Joe Biden, according to several recent polls.

Recent reports have indicated that the Trump 2020 campaign has found itself in quite a tumultuous state after recent polls — the most recent being Wednesday’s CNBC/Change Research poll — have begun reflecting a pretty big loss for Trump not only in key swing states but on the national level, as well.

The Times goes on to report that campaign officials feel that the sudden, drastic drop in Trump’s poll numbers is a direct result of a combination of his botched response to the coronavirus pandemic, the George Floyd protests across the nation, and the bombshell reports indicating that he knew about — yet took no actions against — the Russian bounties put on the heads of American soldiers.

And apparently, it’s not just officials with his presidential campaign that are timid of delivering bad news to the president.

A report from CNN earlier this week indicated that intelligence officials are also rather wary of delivering bad news regarding Russia to the president, as Trump has absolutely no interest in hearing such intel regarding Putin and it only serves to make him angry.

We’re quite literally at a point in this nation where our “leader” has to be pacified and lied to like a petulant toddler, all in an effort to just keep him from flying off the handle.

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