Don Jr. Tried To Smear Woman Whose Husband Died After Taking Drug His Daddy Touted

He'll do or say anything to protect his reckless daddy.

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Donald Trump Jr. attacked the woman who nearly died because his daddy promoted chloroquine as a cure for coronavirus.

A woman and her husband both ingested fish tank cleaner believing that it would protect them against the virus because it contained chloroquine, which President Donald Trump has frequently trumpeted as a miracle cure even though the Food and Drug Administration has not officially cleared the drug as a treatment.

The woman became seriously ill and had to be hospitalized. Unfortunately, her husband died. And it’s because they listened to Trump’s reckless claims.

Don Jr. suggested the woman murdered her husband in an effort to clear his daddy of any blame.

And Twitter users trashed him in response.

Smearing someone who almost died and lost a loved one is not what this country needs right now. Don Jr. should be convincing his dad to respond appropriately to this crisis in order to prevent more deaths. That means telling him to stop promoting untested medications as a miracle cure.

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