Donald Trump Appeared To Blow Off His Own Grandson During Big Event; The Kid Looked Heartbroken And Ivanka Looked FURIOUS

He is genuinely SO rude.

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It seems Donald Trump’s blatantly flippant and narcissistic rudeness knows no limits, even when it comes to his own grandchild, and it seems equally apparent that his daughter isn’t very happy about that fact.

Let’s be frank — Donald Trump has made it crystal clear over the years that he truly doesn’t give a damn about the American people, or even his own adoring and freakishly devout base of supporters. Genuinely, he couldn’t care less about them if he tried. But, we always just assumed that he likely had at least a small soft spot for his own family. Especially his grandchildren, right? I mean, what kind of grandfather could possibly not love, adore, and dote on their grandbabies?

Apparently, the answer to that question is a rowdy and resounding Donald J. Trump.

The big guy made that more than a little clear when he was caught on video appearing to snub his own grandson during a recent big event, right in front of the kid’s parents, Donald’s eldest daughter Ivanka, and her husband, Jared Kushner — leaving the poor kid looking pouty and sad and Ivanka looking, well, downright furious.

In the clip, posted to X (formerly known as Twitter) by popular former federal prosecutor Ron Filipkowski, Trump is seen making his big entrance to a recent event, with his daughter, son-in-law, and grandson standing along the sidelines of his entry path, among the ranks of the adoring Trump fans who are apparently important enough to get close to him.

As he comes up on his family members, he briefly stops to give Ivanka a quick hug and a kiss and shake Jared’s hand but breezes right past his grandson who was tucked in between his parents and appears to be hoping for some attention from his grandpa that he did not get.

Ivanka immediately turns to her son and, at this point, still has that big, fake smile plastered over her face as her dad continues through the line of praises. However, it appears that as soon as Ivanka thinks the cameras and her dad’s attention are off of her, that smile of hers immediately drops into a look of irritation and anger as she turns more closely to her son, leaning down to the kid and seemingly trying to comfort him after he was blow off by his own grandpa.

You can see the clip here:

Filipkowski added another post in his thread, showing Ivanka later on in the event after her dad blew off her son, where she appears to still be in a quite foul mood:

Even for the likes of Donald Trump, that was just rude and honestly makes me feel all the more sorry for any child who has the misfortune of being related to the Trump Clan.

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