Donald Trump Appeared To Imply That Joe Biden Should Be Forced To Give Him Back The Presidency: “When They Catch The Robber, You Have To Give The Diamonds Back”

You've gotta be kidding me.

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It’s clear at this point that ex-president Donald Trump and his incessant yet baseless claims, lies, and conspiracy theories regarding the 2020 presidential election aren’t going away. However, I’m not sure that anyone was truly prepared for how much worse it was going to get.

During his recent interview with right-wing radio host Todd Starnes, the disgraced former guy seemed to imply that President Joe Biden “robbed” him of his second term in the White House and that he should ultimately be forced to give it back.

Speaking with Starnes, Trump claimed that he was winning several swing states across the country “by a tremendous number — and all of a sudden, it got wiped out.”

“They cheated, and you know when people cheat, I always say, ‘If Tiffany gets robbed of its diamonds when they catch the robber, you have to give the diamonds back,'” the ex-president fumed, referring to the infamous jewelry company and leading us to believe that Trump thinks the White House should be “given back” to him.

“They have all of this incredible evidence (of election fraud),” he went on to claim, a talking point of his that is categorically false. “Does this mean we have to keep the people that cheated for another three-and-a-half years? Because we’re not going to have a country left, I can tell you that. We won’t have a country left.”

Trump’s raging comments came in response to a question from Starnes, asking, “What can we do to help save this country?”

“The first thing you have to do is look at the results that are going to soon be coming out of Georgia — a very corrupt election, unbelievably corrupt,” Donald answered, falling back on his ages-old and tired-out talking point of the “corrupt fake news.”

“Arizona, they led the way. The senators in Arizona deserve a major medal because they led the way. They found massive fraud.”

You can watch the ridiculous clip here:

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