Donald Trump Came Unglued Right Before Our Eyes, Posted Video That Was So Deranged And Unnerving, You Have To See It To Believe It

This is quickly becoming terrifying.

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The American people have witnessed history in the making.

After literal years of waiting on bated breath to see Donald J. Trump finally held accountable to the law and his crimes — and many, many sleepless nights of truly wondering if that day would ever come — American history was made when a jury of 12 of Donald Trump’s peers delivered a guilty verdict against the former president on all 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in the Manhattan Stormy Daniels Hush Money trial, after nearly 12 hours of deliberation spread across two days.

This is the very first time, in the history of the United States of America, that a sitting or former US president has been convicted of a crime.

CNN reported on every moment of the trial, writing that ex-President Trump sat stone still, motionless, staring straight forward as the jury read their verdict into the court.

As Donald departed Judge Juan Merchan’s courtroom as an official felon, flanked by his middle son Eric, CNN reported that the former president was “red in the face, and both father and son looked upset.”

Trump stopped to speak with the gaggle of reporters gathered outside the Manhattan courthouse, where he quickly expressed his rage over the guilty verdict, calling the entire thing a “rigged trial” and a “disgrace.”

In the moments after his departure from the courthouse, it seemed that the scandal-ridden, disgraced, and now convicted felon former president’s deep-seated, pure anger only grew — quickly reaching a point that is truly too disturbing and terrifying for words.

In the direct aftermath of his guilty verdict, Donald Trump took to his Truth Social account with a video that, while only 35 seconds long, officially served as one of the most terrifying half-minutes of my life.

The video opens with dramatic music as Trump declares, “This is the final battle…”

“We will demolish the Deep State, we will dispel the warmongers from our government…” Trump begins to rattle off a list of unsettling promises as cheers mount in the background while black-and-white footage of the ex-president walking sternly toward the camera plays.

“We will liberate America from the villains,” Trump says in the clip, his voice getting louder and louder, “once and for all.”

In the caption of the video is only a link to his campaign fundraising website.

While we expected Donald to campaign himself into the ground on his new conviction, the fact of the matter is, Trump is angry and only getting angrier… and that should scare you.

See the disturbing video here:

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