Donald Trump Confirmed He’s Still Just As Delusional As Ever, Pathetically Told A Group Of Fans At His Golf Club “We’ll Get It Turned Around. Don’t You Worry.”

Give it a rest, dude.

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Ex-President Donald Trump is being embarrassingly pathetic again.

The ever-popular PatriotTakes Twitter account took to social media recently with a new video clip of the one-term, twice-impeached former guy at his golf club, and it’s painfully clear that the washed-up reality TV “star” turned disastrously terrible ex-president is still clinging as hard as ever to his unhinged delusions that he’ll ever make his way back into the White House and that his second term was somehow “stolen” from him through election fraud that never existed.

In the clip, Trump can be seen walking through the hall of his golf club, donning his trademarked white polo, slacks, and bright red MAGA hat. His little gaggle of “fans” can be heard in the footage yelling out their admiration for him — as I believe is now a mandatory part of a Mar-a-Lago membership these days.

Trump is, of course, egging them all on with his infamous pursed-lip, overdramatized “Thank yoooouuuuu”s. As he makes his way down the hall with his group of “people” surrounding him, the ex-president waves back at his adoring fans and says, “We’ll get it turned around. Don’t you worry.”

I’m sorry. Get what turned around, exactly? The election that you clearly and fairly LOST more than a year ago? Or is it all the investigations and lawsuits you’re continually losing at every turn these days? Or is it just your pathetic life in general?

As I’m sure you can imagine, the reactions on Twitter weren’t generally in the pathetically desperate ex-president’s favor:

Give it up already, dude. Enough is enough. You’re just humiliating yourself at this point.

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