Donald Trump Is Reportedly Slated For Booking In GA Jail Where “Some Never Make It Out Alive”

This is BRUTAL.

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Georgia officials have already made it clear to scandal-ridden former President Trump that when he makes his way to Georgia for his arraignment following Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ bombshell late-night indictment, he should expect to receive the full treatment that any average American citizen would receive throughout his booking process, instead of the special treatment he’s grown accustomed to receiving in places like Manhattan and his Florida stomping grounds.

That includes fingerprinting, a mug shot, and apparently booking into a notoriously heinous Georgia jail that’s been described by their own sheriff as the scene of a “humanitarian crisis” — crumbling walls filled to the brim with violence, decay, abhorrent conditions, and even death.

Recently, Fani Willis publicly announced that Trump and his dozens of co-conspirators were on a tight, strict deadline to turn themselves in for arrest in the Fulton County DA’s election interference indictment. According to new reporting from the Washington Post, the former president and his 18 accused co-conspirators are slated to voluntarily surrender themselves to the Rice Street Jail near Atlanta’s Midtown where they will be fingerprinted and have their official mugshots taken. The very same Rice Street Jail that has seen at least six inmate deaths just this year alone “with few publicly available details.”

WaPo’s Ben Brasch noted the high unlikelihood of Donald Trump or his co-conspirators being lodged in a holding cell at the notoriously deadly jail but went on to note that doesn’t necessarily mean the former president’s security detail won’t be on the highest of alert for possible and even probable danger.

“There have been ongoing problems with overcrowding in the jail, along with violence, overflowing toilets, and faulty air conditioning,” the report reads, citing a moment between Fulton County Sheriff Patrick Labat and reporters when the sheriff showed the media a staggering 1,100 shanks that had been confiscated from Rice Street Jail inmates.

“These are pieces of the building that have been ripped apart, fashioned into knives, fashioned into deadly weapons,” Labat said of the over 1,000 homemade shanks.

WaPo’s report went on to reveal, “In July, the Justice Department launched an investigation of the jail after a 35-year-old man was found slumped over in a cell in September.”

“A detention officer found Lashawn Thompson’s body covered in lice and bed bugs in the jail’s mental health wing. Attorneys for Thompson’s family said Thompson was ‘eaten alive’ by insects.”

“The existing facility is over capacity, leaving some inmates to sleep on the ground in what look like plastic canoes,” the report reveals.

Activist Marcus Coleman also weighed in on the infamous Rice Street Jail, explaining, “A lot of people can get lost inside these walls, and some never make it out alive, as we’ve seen recently.”

Tiffany Roberts of the Southern Center for Human Rights was asked what Trump and his co-conspirators should expect upon their arrival at the notoriously dangerous detention center. Roberts wasted no time in saying the quiet part loud:

Clients of means do not experience the true devastation that people without resources do.”

Read Washington Post’s full report here.

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