Donald Trump Seemed To Get Caught Cursing On Hot Mic Before Speaking On Live Television: “A What? Oh F*ck…”

You have got to be kidding me.

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The fact of the matter is, this whole coronavirus ordeal is getting to Donald Trump in the worst sort of way.

Over the course of this catastrophe, we’ve watched Trump’s already shaky mental health slip out of his grasps like warm cheese off a soggy cracker and it’s only getting worse with each passing day.

But as we dive even deeper into what will likely go down in history books as America’s biggest challenge, with America’s absolute worst leader to date, and things just keep looking worse and worse, we’re reminded that Donald’s mental capacity to deal with this national and global crisis has never been up to par.

What feels like forever ago now, Donald Trump addressed the nation from the Oval Office and essentially finally bit the bullet and admitted that the novel, potentially deadly coronavirus that has now swept the globe and rapidly infiltrated the United States is a hell of a lot bigger issue than he and his administration were willing to let on in the beginning.

In my honest opinion, which mirrors that of millions of other Americans, this was the first of many last-ditch attempts by our sorry excuse of a president to get a handle on the quickly plummeting economy before the last minuscule chances of another four years of MAGA country go swirling down the toilet.

During the announcement, Trump declared that he was shutting down all travel into the US from Europe, proposed a few financial “fixes” that weren’t looked upon kindly by the Democrats in Congress, and filled the rest of his address with a bunch of demands which included people covering their mouths when they cough. Because evidently he thinks that all of America is just as stupid as he is.

Honestly, the whole thing was pretty uneventful considering the fuckery we’re accustomed to at the hands of Donald Trump these days.

However, it was the exclamation Trump made before the address, unknowingly on a hot mic, that did get our attention and served as a brutal reminder that if Donald has his way with things, he’ll likely end up killing us all.

Evidently, Trump made a smudge or a mark on a piece of paper right before the whole ordeal was about to start and it ruffled his feathers a bit.

In the captured audio you can hear Trump exclaiming, “Oh, fuck — Uh oh, I got a pen mark. Anybody have the white stuff … Do you see it? Which side is it on?”

Wite-Out. That stuff is called Wite-Out.

The hot mic, which was broadcasts across countless national televisions stations as they prepared to air the president’s address, also caught a rather awkward sound check.

This is the world we live in now, folks. We’re literally in the midst of a pandemic and the president doesn’t know the name for Wite-Out.

All I can say is — keep your expectations low and hope we can make it out alive.

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