Report Claims Trump’s DC Hotel Nearly Doubled Its Prices After Trump Indicated He Might Deliver Nomination Speech From The White House

This is so shady.

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Looking to cash in on possibly making his renomination speech in Washington DC, Donald Trump’s DC hotel is jacking up room prices by nearly double in anticipation of Republicans flocking to the city for the occasion.

In what would be a violation of the Hatch Act, Trump has suggested that he will deliver his renomination address from the White House, which is federal property that is not supposed to be used for partisan purposes such as the Republican National Convention.

Of course, Trump is desperate after two prior attempts to hold the convention in Charlotte, North Carolina and Jacksonville, Florida fell apart due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump refused to hold the convention in Charlotte if his supporters had to wear masks and practice social distancing. And frankly, his recent rallies, particularly in Tulsa, resulted in spikes in coronavirus cases. That’s causing much concern and is why people may not want to attend.

Of course, Trump could simply walk over to his hotel and deliver the speech there. And perhaps that is what he may be considering.

But does he really have to profit from it?

Apparently so, according to the Daily Beast:

“As President Donald Trump hints that he plans to deliver his nomination speech from the White House on Aug. 27, the hotel bearing his name down the street is making a power play of its own: spiking its room rates by more than 60 percent for those convention dates. Listings for rooms at the Trump International Hotel in D.C., via, show rooms for one adult on the night of the address starting at $795 and running as high as $2,070.”

Again, the president should not be able to accept the nomination of his party on federal property. He would be using it as a prop for political gain. He’d also be using it as a prop for financial gain, which is equally distasteful and unethical.

Trump’s business is clearly engaging in price-gouging to take advantage of people who come to town for the address. It’s totally shady and needs to be investigated.

Featured image via White House, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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