Donald Trump Was Busted On Video Footage Joking Around With Famous Golfers The Day After J6 Capitol Attack

This is just appalling.

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As if things couldn’t get any worse for the disgraced, pathetic former President Donald Trump, TMZ recently obtained and released footage of him from the day after the Capitol riot that he instigated and was carried out by his own supporters on January 6th.

The attack against our Capitol ultimately left 5 people dead and tore a massive hole in this nation’s very democracy. But thanks to TMZ’s new footage, we now know that the very next day, Trump wasn’t wallowing in panic or despair over the violent attacks, but rather joking around with some of his famous professional golf buddies at the White House.

In the video, the then-president can be seen honoring golfers Gary Player and Annika Sorenstam as part of a White House ceremony that was originally meant to be a public event but was ultimately switched to private in the wake of the catastrophic attack.

The footage shows Trump awarding a Presidential Medal of Honor to both of the professional golfers before chiding Player for making a comment about Donald being overweight.

“Gary earned the title ‘Mr. Fitness,'” Trump can be heard saying at one point. “He just told me, he said, ‘Sir, lose a couple of pounds.’ I said, ‘Okay, Gary’… he said it in front of Annika. That was very rude, don’t you think?! ! How rude can you be?”

TMZ makes a point to note that Trump was laughing and carrying on with the golf pros while the nation was still absolutely reeling from the violent insurrection that he incited just the day before when his supporters stormed our country’s Capitol building in a desperate and pathetic effort to stop the confirmation of the Electoral College vote in President Joe Biden’s favor, all at Trump’s egging on.

You can see the shameful video footage here:

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