An Ex-Trump Official Quit The GOP With A Dire, Terrifying Warning To The American People — Republican Party Is Officially A Threat To The Country

This is horrifying.

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If you weren’t terrified before, now is the time to get nervous, folks.

I’ve been saying for years now that the Republican Party is no longer what it once was. Granted, I have never been a Republican and I have never agreed with their policies. But the age of Trumpism took an already flawed system and turned it downright dangerous.

So much so, in fact, that one former official of the ex-president has now not only quit the Republican Party entirely but is speaking out to warn the American people that the GOP not officially poses a serious, dangerous threat to this nation as a whole.

Former Homeland Security official Miles Taylor has been a vocal critic of his former boss for some time now. But as things within the GOP continue to devolve past the point of no return, even with Donald Trump finally out of office, Taylor says the party simply cannot be saved anymore, and the American people need to watch out.

Taylor, who served as Homeland Security’s deputy chief of staff and then chief of staff from 2017 to 2019, took to his Twitter and wrote, “I’m done. I no longer believe the Republican Party can be saved. The vitriolic rhetoric is inspiring violent radicals. I’m quitting the GOP. And I hope more do the same.”

The former Trump administration official posted an additional tweet linking to an editorial piece he penned for NBC News, with a quote of his own:

In the wake of the mass shooting in Buffalo on Saturday, it’s become glaringly obvious that my party no longer represents conservative values but in fact poses a threat to them — and to America.”

Taylor was referencing the recent Buffalo, New York, supermarket shooting, during which an 18-year-old male opened fire on a supermarket in a predominantly Black community, killing 10 innocent human beings in a vile, racism-fueled attack.

Reports have indicated that the alleged shooter penned a 100+ page “manifesto,” in which he heavily leaned into the “great replacement theory” — a conspiracy theory that’s been highly peddled by the likes of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that claims Democrats are working behind the scenes to overthrow white voters in the US with Hispanic immigrants and other people of color in an effort to give minorities an electoral advantage.

Taylor cited a poll from last year that found nearly half of all Republican voters agreed with the ideologies found in the “great replacement theory.”

“The Republican Party — which branded a violent insurrection in the nation’s capital as ‘legitimate political discourse’ — is poisoning Americans’ minds and supplanting respectful disagreement with loaded-gun rhetoric,” the former Trump official wrote in his NBC News editorial.

While Taylor noted that some decent people still remain in the Republican party, he urged them to follow his lead and leave the GOP “until it is rehabilitated or a suitable alternative is created.”

The Republican party is officially too far gone. And if we’re not careful, they are going to successfully drag the entire country down with them.

Featured image via U.S. Air National Guard photo by Dale Greer

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