Donald Trump’s Ex-Chief Of Staff Said He Was Forced To Put Out Constant Fights Between Melania And Ivanka, As The First Daughter Tried To “Become The First Lady In This Ceremonial Way”

Suffice it to say, Melania and Ivanka were not BFFs.

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It’s certainly no real secret at this point that now former First Lady Melania Trump didn’t exactly get on too well with her eldest stepdaughter, daddy’s golden child Ivanka. Over the years it’s seemed as though the two just never really “clicked.”

But according to new details from journalist and author Michael Schmidt — the man behind the upcoming book, Donald Trump v. The United States — there was more to the beef between Melania and Ivanka that a simple personality clash.

A large part of Schmidt’s new book is a biography on General John Kelly, who served as Donald Trump’s second White House Chief of Staff, from July 31, 2017, to January 2, 2019, when he was replaced by Mick Mulvaney who served in an acting capacity in the role.

Quite a few bombshells have inadvertently come from the former chief of staff, as part of Schmidt’s tell-all book. But one detail that certainly caught our attention was Kelly’s role in trying to diffuse the allegedly near-constant “frivolous” fights between stepmom Melania, and stepdaughter Ivanka.

Schmidt recently made an appearance on MSNBC with host Alex Witt, where the author and journalist said that Kelly found a ridiculous amount of his time, day in and day out, eaten up by these squabbles between Melania and Ivanka, as the favored first daughter attempted to position herself as the actual first lady of her father’s White House — something that came with the added struggle of constantly trying to steer the president himself from his catastrophically horrible impulses to follow Ivanka’s wildest whims.

“John Kelly is a serious a national security figure as we can find: a four-star marine general who comes into the White House,” the author told Witt. “He thinks that he needs to put in some structure and better staffing for Trump and all of a sudden, he is confronting far more frivolous issues like fights between the first lady and Ivanka Trump, and Ivanka Trump trying to maneuver, what Kelly was told, to become the first lady in this ceremonial way.”

“I’ve written a book about at one point, Kelly had to go to Omarosa and tell her to stop having parties at the White House pool — she was using the White House pool,” he added, speaking on Kelly’s nearly never-ending attempts to keep Trump’s staffers like Omarosa Manigualt reigned in from things like petty White House pool parties.

“And so, again, here’s John Kelly concerned that we could be on the brink of war with North Korea, trying to mitigate these issues that are not serious, but we’re front and center and the Trump White House where things were off of the rails,” Schmidt said.

Frankly, we knew the Trump White House was an absolute mess from the get-go. But this is honestly even worse than we were prepared for.

See the interview here:

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