Donald Trump’s Own Family Member Dropped Inside Info On “Donald’s Nightmare,” Revealed To The World What Could Truly Hurt The Ex-President

They're telling all your secrets, Donald...

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Mary Trump, former President Donald Trump’s rather infamous niece, has recently dropped some new insider information on her scandal-plagued uncle that has essentially revealed to the world what could truly and deeply hurt the ex-president when it comes to the civil fraud case raging against him in New York by Attorney General Letitia James — and something tells me Donald won’t be happy about this information getting out.

Trump has once again shown his cards to the world with an unhinged Truth Social attack against James, assumably as a result of learning that the New York Attorney General has now requested an additional $100 million-plus in added damages connected to her fraud case against the former president. Taking to his floundering social media platform, Donald shamelessly declared, “They should pay me!”

Of course, the news of James’ request and Trump’s subsequent meltdown quickly saturated the news cycle, but Mary is now speaking out, saying that the media has actually missed the mark on the biggest part of the story when it comes to the potential impact on her ex-presidential uncle.

In her Substack columnThe Good in Us, following the news, Mary Trump wrote, “While everyone is focused on Letitia James’ request in court today, I will provide some analysis and also a very big piece of information that the corporate media is missing.”

According to Mary, it’s not actually the money that will send her uncle over the edge, but rather, the demand that Donald J. Trump stop doing any business in the New York real estate industry.

Citing AG James’ filing that requested Judge Engoron institute a formal, lifetime ban against Trump’s involvement in the New York real estate industry, Mary wrote, “Knowing Donald as I do, I know that it’s the second request by Letitia James that will really get under his skin. Donald spent his entire adult life creating an image that he was a real estate genius at the top of his game. This was his obsession and a fantasy, built entirely on the back of my grandfather’s success, a lifetime of lies and bank loans, and Mark Burnett’s tragic decision to center the Celebrity Apprentice around a failed businessman.”

According to Donald’s niece, Trump’s “house of cards is about to collapse.”

Mary Trump goes on to note that her uncle is about to face some serious, potentially life-altering decisions.

“While a possible $370 million fine and a lifetime New York real estate ban would rock Donald’s world, there is one very realistic outcome that could send set Donald on the brink of ruin: being forced to sell Mar-a-Lago. For that possibility, I spoke with attorney Joe Gallina who told me just how likely that scenario really is.”

According to Mary, Gallina matter of factly said, “the answer is yes.”

Trump’s own niece went on to crack a joke about what will happen to her uncle’s beloved, precious Mar-a-Lago: “I have some ideas about how the property can be repurposed—and I’m throwing a party. Are you coming?”

Read Mary Trump’s full Substack post here.

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