Watch MTG Get Viciously Cussed Out Of Her Own Rally Just Literal Minutes After She Stepped Off The Bus

I don't think they like you, Marjorie.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene had a no good, very bad day when she attempted to attend her pre-scheduled visit and rally to Albemarle County, Virginia, only to be booed and cussed out of her own event within five short minutes of stepping her butt off the bus.

The highly controversial and far Right-wing Georgia congresswoman was on the campaign trail in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District recently with her fellow Republican, Senator John McGuire, where McGuire is running for a House seat against incumbent Rep. Bob Good in the upcoming GOP primary.

Virginia’s 5th district is a deep-red pinpoint in the heart of the state, but Albemarle County has long been a Democratic stronghold — and its people made that crystal clear when Marjorie Taylor Greene made her appearance where she was viciously unwanted this week.

Greene and McGuire made their arrival at a polling station at the Albemarle County Social Services building in a bus emblazed with now-felony convicted former President Trump’s name and face, who recently issued his formal endorsement of McGuire over his incumbent opponent Good.

The Republican congresspeople were slated to hold a rally-style event at the polling station to encourage early voting — a platform that’s especially ironic for Greene, considering she attacked the mere concept of early voting when it came to the Big Lie conspiracy theory that Joe Biden only won the 2020 election over Trump due to a rigged election.

However, she and McGuire didn’t even make it that far, as the pair were met by a group of upwards of 50 protesters that were waiting for them just outside their bus, already chanting things like, “Go home” and “No hate in our state.”

The protesters were already gathered in anticipation well before Greene’s bus pulled in at around 4:20 p.m. and greatly outnumbered the mere 20 or so people who showed up to support the Republicans on the other side of the parking lot. Around a dozen Albemarle County police officers were scattered across the property in an attempt to keep the peace at the event.

Upon their arrival, Greene and McGuire stayed in the bus for several minutes as protesters screamed, cussed, booed, and held up signs outside.

“Are you having fun?” a protester yelled at the bus with Greene and McGuire still inside. “You didn’t have to come here. You could have gone somewhere else.”

The GOP pair finally got off the bus just after 4:30 p.m. and attempted to circumvent the band of protesters by walking across a patch of grass toward the corner of the parking lot — but they had no such luck, as the demonstrators only followed them.

“F–k the fascists,” one protester yelled.

Greene, armed with a blue megaphone, attempted to drown out the rambunctious protests by starting chants of “Trump, Trump, Trump!” and “USA!” but even her big mouth with a megaphone was easily drowned out by the 50-plus people cussing her out.

“A real Charlottesville welcome, bitch,” one protester yelled at Marjorie.

Ultimately, neither Greene nor McGuire even made a genuine attempt at delivering the remarks they were slated to give at the polling station on Wednesday. In fact, they both hauled their hind ends back on their Trump-emblazoned bus just 5 minutes after it arrived in the parking lot.

You can read the full report on the incident from Daily Progress here.

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