Donald Trump’s PAC Paid Out A Staggering 6 Figures To A Private Investigator And They’re Suspiciously Secretive About Why

What sort of scheme is he up to now???

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Apparently, disgraced former President Trump’s PAC (political action committee) has paid out a whopping six figures to a private investigator for some sort of work in Manhattan surrounding the infamous E. Jean Carroll civil rape case against him as well as Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s investigation into criminal business fraud. However, according to recent reporting from CBS News, attorneys for the scandal-plagued ex-president are being extremely secretive, avoidant, and downright suspicious when it comes to what, exactly, that private investigator is up to as he bounces around Manhattan.

CBS News reports that a staggering $152,285.50 was paid to the private investigation firm of Sean Crowley by Donald Trump’s Save America PAC. However, it remains entirely unclear what Crowley — a former New York police captain — was actually doing on behalf of Trump’s Save America political action committee and not only Donald’s people, but Crowley as well, are being exceptionally tight-lipped and downright weird about it.

Former Trump attorney Joe Tacopina, who’s embroiled in his own can of scandal, theorized that Crowley’s work pertains to both of the cases raging against his ex-client in Manhattan, New York. But the former president’s current legal team as well as the private investigator himself are being a whole lot less than forthcoming about what’s going on here.

When speaking with reporters, Crowley said, “I think you should be talking to the attorneys regarding anything related to me and the PAC.” However, when current Trump attorney Susan Necheles was asked for comments on the matter of the suspicious PAC-paid PI, she simply said, “I have no comment about what Crowley is doing. Obviously what the attorneys and investigators are doing to prepare for trial is privileged.”

Infamous former Trump attorney and “fixer” Micheal Cohen theorized that he may be the subject of the private investigator service obtained by Trump’s people, as he said he believes he was recently tailed by a Trump-paid PI.

“Just about a month ago, I noticed a man photographing me outside my home – what he believed was clandestine,” Cohen said in remarks to CBS News. “I wouldn’t be shocked if they were hired by Donald to gather intel on me to use at the upcoming trial cross-examinations.”

Necheles shot this theory down, claiming that “[Cohen] loves to be on TV, so we would have plenty of pictures or video of him if we needed them.”

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