Donald Trump’s Team Is Apparently A Complete Mess, Full Of Backstabbing, Deceit, And Cash Grabs: “It’s Like A Daycare If You Took All The Adults Away”

What a mess.

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It’s frankly been pretty clear that Donald Trump’s life has been a bit of a mess since departing the White House a couple of months ago. And according to a report from POLITICO, things are just getting worse. Apparently, Donald Trump’s post-presidency political team is nothing but an absolute mess in pretty much every conceivable way — full of backstabbing, deceit, blame games, and grabs for cash — all of which has allegedly left Republican allies and donors rather irritated.

According to the report, some of the closest allies to the ex-president have personally encouraged Donald Trump to get rid of this disastrous team and the law firm that handled his 2020 campaign has even sent out a warning to note that former staffers and consultants were at serious risk of persecution should they misuse campaign funds in any way after an unnamed Republican candidate made unsolicited calls to one of Donald Trump’s top donor’s cell phone.

One person that’s familiar with Trump’s post-presidency operation said, “Right now, it’s like a daycare if you took all the adults away. There’s virtually nobody with organizational skills left.”

Of course, some of the former President’s top officials and White House aides — such as Corey Lewandowski, Dave Bossie, Stephen Miller, and Mark Meadows — have all since moved on with their professional lives and started their own endeavors, maintaining little to no contact with each other, though they all still reportedly maintain ties with the former president.

One person close to Donald Trump said, “Trump is surrounded by people who are telling him ‘you need us,’ but they really need him.”

One Trump aide told the publication that they found themselves surprised when one of their fellow aides took the credit for organizing a Mar-a-Lago fundraiser at a recent event, which set themselves up to be hired for similar future events.

“I don’t begrudge anyone for wanting to make money … but don’t be so brazen about it,” the aide told POLITICO.

Apparently, many of the aides closest to Trump have expressed their hopes that he stays out of politics until next year’s midterm elections have come around, however, his associates don’t seem to be surprised that his post-presidency life is just as hectic and chaotic as his time in the White House.

“Trump has always encouraged that kind of behavior,” one former aide stated. “But it is difficult to do the job like that.”

Of course, Trump’s spokesman Jason Miller has insisted that the former president’s orbit is in perfect harmony.

“Having been around Trump World for five years now, I would argue that here’s the least amount of ally competition or conflict at this point than I’ve ever seen,” Miller stated. “The people who the president has kept in his orbit are all true believers who understand that he makes his own decisions, and we have very specific roles supporting him.”

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