People Had A Lot Of Questions After Bizarre Picture Of What Appeared To Be MTG’s Feet Spread Like Wildfire Across The Internet

Uhm... Ewwww.

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Look, there is an entire laundry list of things wrong with the GOP’s craziest congresswoman, Marjorie Taylor Greene, that we could drivel about for weeks on end without ever needing to touch on her physical appearance. And typically speaking, we do leave physical appearances alone here at Political Tribune. These Republican monsters have plenty of moral and legal issues to touch on without us needing to stoop too terribly low. But folks, sometimes something so golden hits the media cycle that’s just too hilarious for us to ignore.

And folks, as much hell as Marjorie Taylor Greene has put this nation through already, we weren’ta about to miss this opportunity.

As I’m sure you’re well aware, Greene and her fellow corrupt GOPer Matt Gaetz, have been on a fundraising warpath here lately as they try to raise money in the name of Donald Trump, but they’re really just falling flat on their faces at every turn — like the fact that they’ve struggled to find venues willing to host them and their fundraising campaign is reportedly costing them more money than it’s making them.

But people haven’t even been able to focus on that today as they’re too wrapped up in wondering what in the fresh hell is up with Marjorie’s feet.

Greene recently posted a few videos of herself and Gaetz on a South California beach (a state that neither of them represents) as one leg of their “America First” rally tour.

From those video clips, several social media users zeroed in on Greene’s bizarre looking bare feet.

Hell, even Noel Casler weighed in:

Again, we don’t typically like to stoop to mocking physical appearances. But when it comes to someone who compares mask-wearing and vaccinations to the Holocaust, we just don’t have much respect to offer her.

Featured image via screen capture 

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