Easily Proven As False”: The Guy Trump “Hired To Find Fraudulent Votes” Just Publicly Torched The Former President’s Big Lie

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Donald Trump’s infamous Big Lie regarding the 2020 presidential election — that he notoriously claims was rife with widespread voter fraud that cheated him out of his rightful second term in the White House — is currently being brutally torched as “easily proven as false” by the very same guy Donald hired to investigate and attempt to prove his voter fraud claims.

Ken Block was personally hired by the Trump Campaign to investigate this supposed nationwide voter fraud as part of Donald’s last-ditch, desperate efforts to worm his way back into the White House after Joe Biden humiliatingly destroyed him in the 2020 presidential election. Now, Block has penned a fiery column published by AZ Central today that essentially calls out Donald’s entire Big Lie as nothing more than the bullshit desperations and delusions of a sore loser.

Block’s company,  Simpatico Software Systems, was contracted by Donald Trump in November 2020 to investigate the now-former president’s incessant claims of widespread voter fraud throughout the 2020 presidential election. In his new column, he describes himself as “the man the Trump campaign hired to find those fraudulent votes,” before going on to outright dismiss the claims made by the scandal-plagued ex-president, as well as the likes of failed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake as “easily proven as false.”

Block says his own research, which he was hired by Trump to do in the first place, proves this.

Ken Block ultimately only found right around a dozen votes cast in the state of Arizona that could have even potentially been fraudulent. But that wasn’t even the worst part of the news for the ex-president. Block’s research further discovered that Donald’s lack of success and ultimate loss in AZ was actually due in large part to the deterioration of MAGA support in several Republican Arizona counties that had helped to carry him to a win in 2016.

“Another astonishing and undeniable trend emerged when I compared the 2016 and 2020 election results,” Block explains. “In most of Arizona’s counties, Trump’s share of the vote declined in 2020 relative to 2016. That includes what I define as red counties because Trump won there in 2016 and 2020. A majority of Arizona’s 10 red counties saw a drop in Trump’s vote share in 2020.”

He goes on to point out that he is far from the only one to come to this conclusion, as many of Trump’s own internal pollsters have discovered the same information and made the same case in the end.

“Trump’s pollster, Tony Fabrizio, documented this loss of moderate GOP support in a December 2020 report detailing exit polling results across the swing states commissioned by the Trump campaign,” Block writes.

He ultimately ends his column with a scolding against the right-wing media for their refusal to acknowledge and accept the resoundingly obvious evidence that proves Trump lost the election because not enough people voted for him, NOT because the election was full of fraud.

“Conservatives mainly get their news from conservative media,” Block said. “Coverage of my story about working for the Trump campaign and the subpoenas I have received garnered mention in just one conservative outlet for an entire year. Facts are only helpful if people are made aware of them.”

You can read his full column here.

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