Eastern Europe Expert Feels “Russia And Its Army Are About To Collapse,” Believes Putin’s Military Is In Far Worse Shape Than We Realize And Calls Out Heinous Tactics As “A Sign Of Desperation”

Putin's plan is falling apart...

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As we’ve already reported today, the war that Russian dictatorial President Vladimir Putin senselessly launched against the country of Ukraine and its people does not seem to be going according to his plan, as numerous reports indicate that Putin’s own soldiers are beginning to surrender, revolt, and even sabotage their own vehicles instead of fighting for something they do not believe in, or weren’t even fully informed about.

To cut directly to the chase, the Ukrainian people have been an absolute **FORCE** that Vladimir Putin simply was not prepared to deal with, despite the fact that he’ll never admit as much.

Already today, one foreign affairs expert gave his analysis of the situation and explained he feels fairly confident that the Russian dictator is living a “nightmare” as we speak.

But now, yet another expert has weighed in on the topic and, frankly, it seems to me that things are consistently just going from bad to worse for President Putin.

Eastern Europe expert Sergej Sumlenny — whose work has focused on Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus for more than a decade — took to his Twitter today with an extensive thread detailing his analysis of Putin’s Ukrainian invasion, and explained why he feels, though it’s still too early to say with 100 percent certainty, “Russia and its army are about to collapse.”

“RU [Russia] obviously has no reserves left: the tanks they send to the front are very old, without active armor, look like training machines. They do not have trucks, using civilian ones,” Sumlenny began his thread.

“Russian flat-bombing of Ukrainian cities is the opposite of what a nation which is about to conquer its wealthy neighbor (and Ukrainian province is wealthier than Russia’s one) It is a sign of desperation,” the expert goes on to add, further echoing similar sentiments from other experts surrounding Russia’s, and namely Putin’s, lack of resounding success against Ukraine. “Exactly as the attempt to use Red-Cross-marked trucks as ammo transports.”

Sumlenny goes on to point to the numerous recent reports claiming Ukraine has been highly successful in taking out a large number of Russian military hardware, in addition to a high number of high-level Russian commanders. He also certainly doesn’t ignore the fact that Russia’s policies on the homefront are beginning to spell trouble for dictator Putin.

“Russia has changed in a rush its legislation, allowing imprisonments (starting from tomorrow!) for up to 15 years for spreading truth about this war. Facebook is blocked in Russia starting from now. This is not what a winning autocracy with full control over its media does,” Sumlenny wrote on Twitter, before noting that effectively, “Ukraine has eliminated Russian ground forces.”

“Combined with economic sanctions, free-fall of Russian currency, pull-back of Western companies (essential for any part of Russian economy) and the consequences of having a highly corrupt and militarized economy, Russia will face also internal troubles very soon.”

It may take time, and I cannot even begin to stomach or fathom the amount of hardship the Ukrainian people are suffering, but I fully believe that this heinous, senseless war is soon to go down in history as Vladimir Putin’s last, pathetic ride.

Read Sumlenny’s full Twitter thread analysis here.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons/The Russian Presidential Press and Information Office, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License

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