Eric Trump Attempts To Attack Biden For “Sniffing” A Baby, Twitter Lets Him Have It: “Ask Your Dad About Grabbing P*ssies, Eric”

Well if that ain't the pot calling the kettle black I don't know what is!

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The entire Trump crew has their feathers quite ruffled this morning after former Vice President and Democratic hopeful Joe Biden made a surprise comeback on Super Tuesday.

Up until this point, the Trump posse had pretty much laid off Biden and his family seemingly because they didn’t think he was much of a threat anymore, instead turning their attention to Bernie Sanders and his campaign. However, the new lead coming out of yesterday’s votes has reignited the MAGAs’ thirst for blood.

Already, Republicans are doubling back on the Burisma nonsense in hopes to drag Biden back down before Trump is forced to go head to head with the former VP. And now it seems as though Trump’s offspring are making sure they do their part to earn their trust fund allowance and keep their pops in power for as long as possible, by any means necessary — including, evidently, making a complete ass out of themselves.

Trump’s middle and not-quite-favorite son Eric took to his Twitter account this afternoon with a renewed attack against an old Biden issue — attempting to label the Democratic contender as creepy.

…and here is @JoeBiden sniffing a baby…” Eric captioned a video from the right-wing media outlet, The Daily Caller, of Biden engaging in some playful banter with a baby before leaning in and giving the kiddo a pat on the back and seemingly taking a quick breath next to little one’s hair.

Biden’s perceived gaffes, past or present, are neither here nor there in regard to this particular article. What is relevant here is the fact that Donald Trump or any of his spawn from the fiery depths of Hell are the LAST people on the face of the earth with the right to throw stones in the “creeper” department.

And Twitter made damn sure to remind him of as much:

Honestly, dude, babies smell awesome. They’re sweet and cuddly and remind you that not everything on the face of this earth sucks — something that’s easy to forget under your dad’s reign of terror. Just because infants can sense Satan in your father doesn’t make it weird for someone to show innocent affection to an equally innocent child. Get out of here with that.

Featured image via Flickr/Phil Roeder “, under Creative Commons license 2.0″

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