Eric Trump Complains About News Headline Relating To His Father, Doesn’t Like That They Used Unflattering Picture Of POTUS

This isn't a beauty contest, Eric.

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The U.S. is left with a narcissistic rage-machine for a leader amid a national pandemic that is forcing states to shut down while Americans are self-isolating, and unemployment numbers are through the roof. Donald Trump has turned the daily COVID-19 press briefings into MAGA rallies as his coronavirus team takes turns at the podium to praise the president. After each briefing, Trump takes to his Twitter account to divide the country into little pieces of covfefe.

Trump has let states know that he holds a grudge against — such as New York — that they are on their own during the pandemic that has gripped the world. So it is “stunning” that Trump has garnered a decent approval rating for his handling of the coronavirus crisis. Mediaite reported that a Gallup poll released this week showed that sixty percent of Americans approve of Trump’s coronavirus response.

That is incredible considering that Trump did not respond to the potentially deadly virus for months, except to mock the disease as a hoax or to downplay it at his ego-rallies while the stock market crashed and burned.

Eric Trump, of course, took a shot at the media for calling the poll’s results “stunning” and for Mediaite using this photograph of his fugly father.

“Why is this ‘stunning?’@realDonaldTrump has done an incredible job,” Little Eric tweeted. “The subtle nastiness of this headline combined with choice of picture tells you all you need to know about the #MainstreamMedia. Shame on you @Mediaite.”

Twitter users unleashed hell on the president’s privileged son.

The part of Eric’s tweet that stands out is his objection to the photograph of Trump the outlet used. Who gives a shit? People are dying, you absolute walnut.

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